Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Way of the Balisong - funding help needed!

Photo credit:  http://www.wayofthebalisong.com/

A project was started on making the film "Way of the Balisong" about the 'butterfly knife'. In order to complete it, the Way of the Balisong team has started a Kickstarted funding project. If you would like to see this film completed or are a balisong afficionado, please considering pledging to this worthy project.

Here's the teaser:

An independent documentary film project that examines the history, culture and influence of the Balisong Knife throughout the world.

Thank you for watching our trailer.  The completion of this project will rely primarily upon your support. 
If the subject of the Balisong's history and preservation of it's culture are within your interests, or if you are simply interested in funding and being a part of a heartfelt documentary project, then please send your support in the form of your generous donation today!

Movie Synopsis: 'Way of the Balisong' is a passion project that started from a visit to the heritage town of Taal, in the Batangas region of the Philippines by filmmaker Paul Factora in 2012.

After hearing about the plight of the people in the neighborhood of Barangay Balisong and speaking with prominent blade merchant Diosdado Ona,  it was learned that the Balisong industry within the very town from which it was named after and became famous for was slowly disappearing.  A decision was made to return and document their story.  

Another subsequent trip to the Philippines 3 months later and the documentation process began.  It wasn't long before the realization set in that in order to document the full story of the Balisong then the documentation must expand. Originally intended as a short 10 minute piece, the tale of the Balisong knife beconed to grow beyond just the Philippines.

It wasn't just about a knife, it became about the people who pioneered a craft that spread throughout the world, how the knife's identity grew far and prosperous through distant lands while the industry back home was slowly fading away.

Along with a couple of talented friends with cameras a portion of the project was shot and produced for our trailer.  Paid for out of pocket and over the course of only 2 days during a limited trip. 

Meeting our end goal of this fundraiser will allow the film makers to return back to the Philippines and spend a much longer and focused amount of time with the people of Barangay Balisong with the full intent of acquiring a more complete documentation of their lives and stories. 

Your generous donation will cover production costs, Philippine travel expenses and film merchandise. The history of the Balisong then extends over the Pacific Ocean and back to America. 

Your generous donation will also go towards the expenses of filming in several different U.S. cities in a number of different states as well as our post production and marketing costs. It is a story worth telling and an icon of culture worth documenting and preserving.
Help us make this film and help save the Balisong!!!

Maraming Salamat,

Way of the Balisong Team

If you would like to support this project, please check out for further information:

If you cannot support this project financially, please consider spreading the word!

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