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Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets Ch. 40

Chapter 40 – How to perform a proper Mount (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that is !)

In most grappling arts the best position one can be in(in terms of hierarchy) is cross side. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu however, we consider the mount an improvement even over the cross side. There are three reasons for this…

#1 – If it is a street fight and one chooses to punch the mount is a much better position.

#2 – Again if it is a street fight and if one chooses to bite, the (low) mount is the greatest position of all.

#3- And finally if one is in a fight in “cross side” on an opponent, and the opponent oopas you, that same opponent can stand and go to the ground and pound. If you are mounted on the opponent however, and the opponent oopas you, now he is in your guard and half a second away from getting his face removed. Therefore one could extrapolate from this that the mount takes the sport of grappling into a real fight.

In my 25 years of Jiu-Jitsu I have learned about 12 different types of mounts. However I feel that is a bit much and have Vunaked it down to 3 of my favorite mounts for 3 specific scenarios. So here goes…

Mount # 1 – The High Mount : In the high mount we want to get our hips away from our opponents hips. The best and safest way to do this is to ride up as high as you can to try to get your legs under the opponents armpits. When one is in this position, their spinal column is lined up straight with the opponents nose, they can reign punches down on the opponent with ferocity and they are away from the opponents hips to protect themselves from the opponents oopa.

Mount #2 – The Low Mount: Low Mount means your face is all the way down with his face, you have his neck literally in a rear naked choke position, and your hips are thrusting forward and both of your hooks are sunk in like an Alabama tick. This position is akin to being completely behind someone with a loaded gun cocked to their head. When one is in this position they are a half a second away from changing this persons life forever. If it is a gun, you pull the trigger, if it is a low mount you tear into the face like a T-bone steak. If this fella has 50lbs or more on you there is a good chance he will arch his back and he will oopa you. If this happens… the steak is just as tasty from the bottom.

Mount #3 – The Half Mount : The last mount has one knee on the opponents chest and one foot on the ground. Our posture again has our spine straight up and down. And like the high mount we are reigning punches down on the opponents face. There is one a main reason we choose the half mount over a full mount…If you are fully mounted on your opponent and you have to dismount instantly your opponent can grab your leg or cling on to you in some way and make this process difficult at best; Conversely when one is half mounted, and say you hear cars pulling up, his friends or sirens, whatever your reason, etc,etc,etc… one can disengage from the half mount instantly.

In conclusion one of my favorite drills to do is a flow pattern from the high mount to the low mount to the half mount right to the half mount left.

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