Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Balisong Knife in Movies: God of Gamblers (1989)

Today's entry in my continuing project of creating animated GIFs from Movies/TV of the Balisong Knife features one of the greatest actors from Hong Kong, Chow Yun-fat. He plays Ko Chun aka The God of Gamblers. Fun movie, showcases Chow's great acting range!

The Balisong usage is simple and not that good, but regardless, here are the GIFs. Enjoy!

OUCHY! Joey Wang does the honors to Ng Man-tat.

If you have never seen this Hong Kong classic, please check the Full Movie of God of Gamblers.

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If you like the Balisong knife, please check out the post below for details of a documentary project on the Balisong which needs help with funding to finish:

For the record, I've already pledged money. I would like to see this project come to fruition! Please help if you can financially, if not, please share that post to spread the word!

Thank you in advance!

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