Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mark Jacobs & Phil Dunlap - Use Your Head Part 2 is up

2 of my friends, Mark Jacobs and Phil Dunlap, had an article published in Black Belt magzine on fighting in the Clinch using Burmese Martial Arts.

I posted a part 1 of this article excerpt here:

Here is a preview of part 2:

PHOTOS (Courtesy of Michael Stewart, featuring Phil Dunlap and Pat Albani):

figure 3a – In a collar and elbow tie-up, Dunlap keeps his head tight to the opponent’s head to prevent being butted

figure 3b – He then rakes his head to the right, across the opponent’s face

figure 3c – Creating space for himself while maintaining control of the opponent’s head

figure 3d – And then driving his head forward into the opponent’s face

Mark has posted part 2 of his article with Phil Dunlap here:




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