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Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets Ch. 33

Chapter 33 – The Three Most Common Asked Scenarios

Throughout the several decades that I have been involved in martial arts, there have been 3 questions that seem to permeate through out the minds of students. I believe these next three scenario questions are immutable, and actually go beyond age, size, gender, and ethnicity. Indeed these are the three scenarios that everyone seems to fear.

What do I do against a 300 lbs man charging at me ? How do I stop a large 300 lbs man from pinning me to the ground ? What is the best defense for a headlock ?

Let us take these one at a time, starting with the 300lbs man charging you. It is best when confronted with this type of energy to dissect the charge into two categories, if the man is charging you above the waist or if the man is charging you diving below the waist. If the person is sprinting at you straight up and down, and they go to tackle you, above your waist, the best move to do is to double up your jab and shuffle backward simultaneously. A few little pop pop type of movements with the jab, as we dissipate the opponents energy by backing up. If you were to ask this question to 1000 martial artists, they would all tell you the same thing, do not back up in a straight line, instead zone on an angle. I happen to disagree, if the person is charging you from above your waist, it is better to double up the jab while you are shuffling backwards. My experience is that when I try to make a sharp cut angling in either direction, my opponent can make the appropriate arm adjustments(like a middle line backer), and end up clinching me. Conversely double jabbing and going backwards is my preferred method. However don’t listen to me… as Bruce would say, try both ways and discover the cause of your own ignorance. The final charging scenario, comes from somebody more seasoned in the world of grappling, and at the last second of their charge they will dive below the waist, for what is called a single or a double leg takedown. If we see the opponent coming a mile away, the best defense is to raise your knee in their face. There is a tremendous amount of power in this move, due to the fact that both forces are colliding, and the collision is face against knee ! On some occasions, our seasoned grappler will shoot for a double leg takedown, we hardly get the chance to see it coming. In this case, a sprawl, is the best thing to do. And once there is a cessation of pressure from our opponent due to our sprawl, now we can drive the knee into his face.

2. The proverbial 350lbs man, that has you pinned to the ground…When we are on the bottom in grappling, 99 out of a 100 times, our opponent is cross side on us. From this bottom cross side position, there are over 50 ways to get someone off of you. None of them work. Actually I should say, all of them work, against someone your own size and weight. However if we are giving up 250lbs, there is absolutely nothing you can do from the bottom cross side position. Therefore we must change this impotent position to a more formidable one. This involves one move(perhaps the flagship move of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), the ability to slide your hip and pull guard. Once you pull guard, grab the opponents neck to prevent him from gaining posture, the best way to grab is reminiscent of a rear naked choke. Now bite his face, nose, cheek or lips, using Kinomutai tearing techniques, once half of the face has been removed, raise your knees to your chest, and kick this 300lbs, screaming bully into the next zip code.

3. What is the best defense for a headlock ?.... This question was undoubtedly asked, because headlocks are the most common move applied by a larger man on to a smaller man. If you are in a fight with a larger man, and you are lucky enough to have him go for his patented headlock, then you know one thing, 99% of this persons weapons have been rendered useless. From his headlock, he can not head butt you , he cannot punch you , he cannot elbow you , he cannot knee you, he cannot armlock you, and furthermore he cannot do a proper choke. All this fella can do, is hold on to your neck and squeeze. This well tend to cut off one artery and not the other. If the person in the headlock simply breathes, and relaxes, they will be fine. After this breathing and realization that you are fine, usually at this time the opponent gets the brainy idea to release one hand, and start applying these short little pussy rabbit punches to your face. When this occurs, simply reach behind the opponents back and hook his arm. This will prevent him from punching you. Now take your other arm, and palm slap him in the groin several times. In some occasions, the opponent chooses not to relinquish one arm and punch you, instead the opponent tends to keep on squeezing, hoping you will pass out. (As stated before, you will not pass out, because one of the arteries is not cut off).

While the opponent is holding his breath, squeezing as hard as he can, simply counter grab him around his waist, hold your grip as tight as you can, and now you start biting his nipple. At this point the fella turns the from the coyote into the rabbit, he is no longer squeezing your neck, he is now trying to push you away from him, with a look of sheer panic. However you will find that he cannot push you away from him, you have already thought of that, by gripping your hand around his waist. After about 3 seconds, usually the whole t-shirt is red with blood by then, and usually it is a good time to let go and walk home. In closing, I hope I was able to answer these three fears appropriately. However, a more important principle that I would like to leave with everyone, and that is to teach you how to deal with all of your fears. As I promise you there will more than just these three coming up. I would rather teach you how to fish, rather and simply give you a fish. Here’s my answer, anything and everything that you are afraid of, confront it, never stop confronting it. Never, ever stop confronting it.

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