Thursday, October 03, 2013

Road Rage: Sep 29, 2013 NYC Motorcycle Attack

Living in NYC, periodically one hears about Road Rage incidents. Unfortunately, one can easily be densitized and ignore these incidents much like the car alarm that seemingly works for no apparent reason. This particular road rage incident caught my attention as it was not the norm of one vs one. A motorcyle gang vs one SUV was caught on video and the video has went viral.

WHO:  ~30 members of a motorcycle gang called "Hollywood Stunts" vs Alexian Lien and his wife and 2 yr old daughter
WHAT: Road rage incident - ~30 motorcycles vs a Range Rover
WHERE: Henry Hudson Parkway, New York City
WHEN: Sep 29, 2013

There's a saying which is not always true though: "Past performance predicts future behavior.". It seems that Hollywood Stunts wanted to block off a stretch of the Henry Hudson Parkway, so that at least one of their members can perform stunts on the stretch of highway unimpeded . They have done this in the past on other roads/highways and this is illegal. One of the bikers tried to block Lien's Range Rover, to force him to back up and make room for the blockade, in all likelihood. Seems Lien's Range Rover bumped the biker either mistakenly or purposefully. The other bikers reacted by enclosing Lien's SUV. At this point, if you were Lien, what would you do? Lien chose to drive off and escape the situation. He ran over a biker who is in a coma and most likely will be paralyzed for life.

One of the members of the motorcycle gang, with a helmet video camera captured most of the incident. Why would a biker have a helmet camera? Perhaps to film some members of Hollywood Stunts peforming illegal stunts to upload to YouTube? The bikers give chase and at one point on a lonely street, able to beat on the SUV with helmets and fists. They were also able to drag Lien out and pummel him in front of his wife and 2 year old daughter and left him in a pool of his own blood.

Here is the video:

What would you do in this situation? If you have not thought about this before, do so now. Part of self-defense entails role-playing (or visualization at the very least). If you don't have a course of action planned out ahead of time, you will be behind the curve on precious time lost caught in the Decide phasein the OODA Loop .

Imagine you driving to dinner on your wedding anniversary. Your wife and 2 year old daughter are with you. All of a sudden there are 30 bikers surrounding you. Take a few minutes to visualize this scenario. I hope you never have to face this situation.

So I ask you again, what would you if a motorcycle gang surrounds your car with only you, your spouse and a child?



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