Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Balisong Knife in Movies: Red Dawn (1984)

Today's post is an animated GIF set I made from the movie 1984 movie Red Dawn. It features usage of the Balisong Knife. At the end of this post will be links to previous GIFs I made of the Balisong from other movies.

My sincerest gratitude to Don Rearic for the heads-up about the Balisong in this movie.


First scene with the Balisong, although it's not being used at the moment.

This next GIF is the full scene a little past the above scene:

Tanner (played by Powers Boothe): "All that hate's going to burn you up, kid."
Robert (played by C. Thomas Howell): (carving 'kill' notches on his AK-47 with a Balisong knife) "Keeps me warm."

Split the above GIF into 2 new GIFs with just the balisong usage:

If you missed the previous entries in my project of making animated GIFs of the Balisong in Movies/TV, please check out:

If you like the Balisong knife, please check out the below post for details of a documentary project on the Balisong which needs help with funding to finish:



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