Monday, March 16, 2009

"Army" Maguire and club swinging

Mark this date down:

July 11, 2009

Army Maguire's Club swinging clinic

If you are into conditioning/physical culture (with club swinging, etc) you should have heard of "Army". His friends asked him to make a DVD on club swinging. I will be ordering the DVD shortly and a review is forthcoming.

What is old is new again! The current scene of conditioning/physical culture has exploded with the old-school methods, what with kettlebells, wooden clubs, etc. Army is one of the few at the forefront. Check out this email I received last week from my friend Army:

Here is a photo of an early antique pair of wooden clubs made in the 1900's . To the right of them are a new pair I just received from Revolution Clubs of Texas.

These new clubs have some wonderful but subtle improvements over the older model. All these clubs are marked 3lbs.. The older ones are almost 1/2 lb off that weight and weigh closer to 2 1/2 lbs. Revolution Clubs are always as close as one can get to the weight marked on the club. Our friends at Revolution Clubs produced the newer model with a slightly thicker neck. This adds strength and compliments the weight shift towards the bottom of the club. This makes for better weight distribution and a smoother swing. The clubs when resting on the floor have a wider base and are less likely to topple over.

The clubs feel wonderful to swing. Even the knob on top of the clubs has been beefed up a bit.

Another added feature is the custom engraving that can be added to any set of clubs . You may want to personalize your clubs so they advertise your gym or organization. You may just simply want your own signature laser etched into the wood for all eternity. Revolution clubs was nice enough to engrave my Ageless Strength logo on my newest pair.

If you are looking for the best made quality wooden clubs on the market I suggest you go to Revolution Clubs .

Please mention ageless strength. If you decide to purchase a 20 lb pair mention this code ARMY09 and receive a 5% discount.

Hope to see many of you on July 11th here in the South Bay area for our first every Club swinging clinic.




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