Monday, March 16, 2009

Army Maguire and Ageless Strength DVD

A few years ago, I "met" Army on some martial arts forum. For the life of me, right now as I post this, I don't remember the specific circumstances. I only remember that we exchanged emails and became friends. Back then, he shot a video of himself bending a nail. did some brick breaking, etc. All 'strongman' stuff. He snailmailed me the vid and the bent nail!

Check out this Youtube clip:

Dayum! Tearing a deck of playing cards in half! Can you do that? I know I cannot. You ever see people who break boards or bricks? They always rest the board/brick they are about to break on 2 other pieces? That is sort of "cheating"... that is you still have to generate enough power on the board/brick... but because you are resting it on 2 boards/bricks... it makes it easier to break in half. Probably not explaining this correctly... but as I understand it, it will be easier to break. Try breaking a brick while holding it like Army did in the youtube clip. That takes strength/power. WARNING: don't do it if you've not had some kind of training. In the interest of full disclosure, Army has trained Iron Palm.

A brief bio:

Richard "Army" Maguire has been in exercise, strength and fitness for many years. He has trained in many martial arts for over 30 years including arnis, Boxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, and Catch as Catch Can wrestling under Billy Wicks. After much encouragement from friends and workout partners he decided to share the techniques that he learned from personal experience and traditional Persian methods including an instructor from Nepal.

If you want to order some wooden clubs, check this site out:

As posted before in the previous blog entry, I will be ordering his DVD soon and put up a review.


Steven M. Vance said...

That is just crazy strong. I saw a photo once of a boar-style bando practitioner holding a brick in one palm while shearing the top of the brick off with a palm strike...and the late Glenn Morris related seeing a fellow by the name of Sherm Herrill(Harrill?) doing the "called shots" routine, breaking individual tiles in a stack without breaking the adjacent ones. Then there's the stories Bok Nam Park tells of his teacher...

Stickgrappler said...

Hey Sun Bear:

Yeah, Army is strong!

I would not put it past any Bando practitioner on the limits of what they can physically accomplish. From my understanding, they train very rigorously.

I've heard of Bok Nam Park, know his reputation is generally good. Are you able to share stories of his teacher? One of my training partners is into Bagua/Pa Kua... maybe he knows.



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