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Paladin Press - American Combat Judo

American Combat Judo

186 Photographs, Illustrating Jiu-JItsu, Police tactics, French Foot Fighting, and Wrestling

by B J Cosneck

124 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"


Following his collaboration with Jack Dempsey on the WWII standard, How to Fight Tough, this 1959 solo effort by B J Cosneck, American Combat Judo, is a lengthier training session in vicious close-in fighting skills. In it, Cosneck combines elements of jiu-jitsu, boxing, wrestling, savate and plain old dirty fighting into an easy-to-learn set of practical unarmed combat techniques designed to incapacitate any attacker as quickly and painfully as possible. No collection of hand-to-hand combat books is truly complete without this exclusive reprint edition of American Combat Judo from Paladin Press.


A champion intercollegiate wrestler and chief hand-to-hand fighting instructor for the U.S. Coast Guard, B.J.Cosneck is perhaps best known as the man who teamed up with boxing great Jack Dempsey to write How to Fight Tough for rookie Coast Guardsmen during the war.


1) Disabling Blows 
- Hack and Jab 
- Chart of Disabling Blows 
2) Holds and Locks 
- Rear Arm Strangle 
- Grab Belt or Crotch 
- Wrist Hold Variations 
- Grab from Behind – Arms Free 
- Grab from Behind – Arms Locked 
- Arm Drag From Behind 
3) Breaks and Releases 
- Break from Front Body Scissors 
- Break from Rear Body Scissors 
- Break from Full Nelson 
- Break from Hammer Lock 
- Break from Front Finger Strangle 
- Break from Grab Belt and Elbow 
- Break from Rear Strangle 
- Break from Arm Strangle 
- Break from Hand Clasp 
- Break from Front Bear Hug 
4) Throws and Tips 
- Shoulder Twist into Strangle 
- Hip Throw 
- Shoulder Throw 
- Tip Over 
- Counter for Chest Push 
- Pile Driver 
- Ankle or Cuff Jerk 
- Lapel Throw 
- Trip from Rear 
- Trip from Behind 
5) Police Tactics 
- Fighting Two Men at Once 
- Rope Strangle 
- Hammer Lock Come – Along 
- Removing an Unwilling Person from a Chair 
- Disarming an Assailant Who Has a Pistol Pointed at Your Back 
- Disarming an Assailant Who is Facing You with a Pistol 
- Disarming Opponent of Club 
- Crossed Arm Come – Along 
- Resuscitation 
- Taking an Unwilling Prisoner 
- How to Search a Prisoner 
- Blocking Hip or Shoulder Throw 
- Disarming Opponent of a Knife 
- Blocking Kick to Testicles 
- Arm Hack Come – Along 
- Arm Twist 
- Wrist Lock Come – Along 
- Attack from the Ground 
6) Situations 
- Being Attacked from the Rear 
- Being Strangled with Hands 
- Being Strangled with Forearm 
- Being Grasped by the Wrists 
- Being Attacked While Lying Face Down 
- Being Rushed Head – On 
- Fighting Face to Face 
- Making an Attack from the Rear

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