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Paladin Press - The Complete Book of Combat Systema

The Complete Book of Combat Systema

by Kevin Secours

Softcover, 312 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, photos


In 1998 while changing after a kali training session, a friend approached Kevin Secours with a videocassette and asked, "You ever seen the Russian martial arts?" 

Looking at the Cyrillic label on the video, Secours asked, "Any good?" 

"It's interesting," the friend replied. "Weird as hell but interesting." 

Little did Secours know that tape would be his introduction to a 16-year (and counting) journey into the unorthodox world of the Russian martial arts, including years of high-level training under top Russian masters. On the video Secours saw mobility exercises unlike anything he had ever experienced. As he was to learn, the uniqueness of the Russian martial arts stemmed from the uniqueness of the country itself. The Cold War in the 1950s, during which the superpowers battled for supremacy, was the final forge that refined the Russian martial arts into what they are today. In anticipation of global warfare, the Soviet government commissioned combat researchers to travel throughout the world to study different approaches. They tested these methods and integrated the best concepts with their own native traditions. This period of development led to the creation of distinct Soviet martial arts, including Sport Sambo, Combat Sambo, and Samoz, which was later modified and became known simply as Systema (literally "the System"). 

Approaching Systema from a decidedly Western perspective, Secours pressure-tested the strengths and benefits of every concept and technique, and ultimately took only what served him. He built his Combat Systema curriculum on a scientific approach to biomechanics, breath training, and combat psychology. In The Complete Book of Combat Systema, he keeps things practical, provable, and profitable for you to incorporate what works into your self-defense training.


Kevin Secours is an internationally known personal-protection professional, specializing in the art of Russian Systema. One of the most renowned non-Russian practitioners of Russian Systema living outside Russia, Secours has more than 16 years of training and experience in Systema. Known for his concise grasp of Systema and his innovative approach to sharing his knowledge, Secours has published some of the first and most comprehensive articles on the subject. In 2010, Kevin formed The International Combat Systema Association to more fully represent his continuing evolution and understanding of the Russian martial arts. His interpretation is currently practiced by more than 100 affiliates worldwide.

In addition to Systema, Secours holds a 6th-degree black belt in Goshinbudo under Sensei Sali Azem, a 3rd-degree black belt in Modern Kempo Jujitsu, a 1st-degree black belt in Akai Ryu Jiu-Jitsu, and full instructorship in Five Animal Shaolin Chuanshu. He also has more than 15 years of experience in tai chi and yoga, as well as extensive experience in the grappling arts.


1) Foundation 
- Visualization 
- The Spinal Engine 
- The Power of the Pivot 
- Plasticity 
- The Three Frames 
- Understanding Distance 
2) Basic Striking 
- The Instant Strike 
- Dirty Boxing 101 
- Stance Destruction 
- The Three Elbows 
3) Combat Essentials 
- Blading 
- Zoning 
- Fencing 
- Loading the Stance 
- Tactical Vision 
- Tactical Breathing 
4) Clinching 
- Breaking Structure 
- Attacking the Nervous System 
5) Ground Fighting 
- Key Concepts 
- Ground Recovery 
- Multiple Attackers 
- Knee on Body 
- The Mounted Position 
6) Restraint Tactics 
- The Harness 
- The Choke 
- Frontal Engagements 
- Ground Control 
7) Weapon Defenses 
- Stick Defense 
- Knife Defense 
- Gun Defense 
8) Using Improvised Weapons 
- Pens 
- Tactical Flashlights 
- Backpack/Bag/Purse 
- Chairs 
- Belts/Ropes 
- Jackets 
- Walls and Doorways 
9) Multiple Attackers 
- Slavic History of Multiple Attackers 
- Understanding Traditions 
- Cracking 
- Body Shielding

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