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Paladin Press - Drawing the Lines

Drawing the Lines

with Sherril Johnson

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175 minutes


Are you looking for the right Filipino stick-fighting techniques to enhance your training? Do you want instruction that combines knowledge, experience, and effective guidance? In this exclusive video from Paladin Press, Guro Sherril Johnson shows you how to build a thorough foundation based on comprehensive, easy-to-learn drills meant to maximize your strength and agility. Starting with the proper way to hold a sinawali stick, Johnson then covers basic forehand and backhand strikes before moving on to more advanced single- and double-stick sinawali patterns. This video, along with a little hard work, will give you the proper mechanics and skills to enable you to draw the lines in your favor in any combative encounter. Packed with figure-eight, abaniko, thrusting, and flow drills, each systematically dissected and reviewed, it teaches you high-speed strikes that can be burned into your muscle memory and automatically accessed when you need them. Includes a special appearance by Grandmaster Christopher Petrilli. Looking for practical, realistic stick-fighting techniques? This is the place to start. For information purposes only.


Sherril Johnson started imitating judo moves from Bruce Tegner's Complete Book of Judo on her stuffed animals at the age of 3. Seeing her daughter's interest, her mother enrolled her in a formal study of judo under Sensei George Uchida in Kent, Washington. After seeing tribal stick fighting on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, she started training in the other forms of martial arts. She eventually found Cacoy Doce Pares stick fighting with Grandmaster Chris Petrilli. She continues her training in the arts of Eskrima, Eskrido, and Pangamot with Grandmasters Cacoy Canete and Chris Petrilli.


1) Holding the Stick 
- Using the Ponyo 
- Gripping the Stick 
2) Hitting 
- Forehand and Backhand Strikes 
- Double Stick Sinawali Drill 
- Figure Eight Drill 
- Kob Kob Drill 
- Uno Dos Tres Drill 
- Abaniko Drill 
- Florete Drill 
- Thrusting 
3) Blocking 
- Augmenting the Block 
- Augment Block to Check Square 
- Augment Block to Check Cross 
- Striking the Hand to Check 
4) Caveman Drill 
5) Disarming 
6) Flow Drill 
7) Empty Hand Drill

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