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Paladin Press - Kelly Worden's 21st Century Knife Combat V3

Kelly Worden's 21st Century Knife Combat, Volume Three

Blade Against Blade

by Kelly S. Worden

805966 056838
110 minutes


If you have to defend yourself with a blade against a skilled knife fighter, you have to know what you're doing to get yourself home safe. Master martial artist Kelly S. Worden has been on the bleeding edge of knife combat training for decades, and in 21st Century Knife Combat, Vol. Three, a pulse-pounding new video production from Paladin Press, he teaches you the real-world blade skills you need to prevail.

Starting with basic thrusting and cutting angles, Worden then transitions to reverse-grip and empty-hand applications so that you'll be prepared for whatever happens in a violent confrontation with a knife-wielding attacker. He then focuses on flow drills that burn combat-ready movements into each motion, such as cover and slash, punyo sumbrada and hubud. Includes a special bonus section on fighting with a kerambit and dealing with a hostage situation when your attacker is armed with a blade and you're behind the curve.

There's nothing more serious than a knife fight, so don't leave anything to chance: watch this video. 21st Century Knife Combat, Vol. Three is the third of a three-part video series on dealing with knife combat in today's violent society. For information purposes only.


Kelly S. Worden is the founder of Natural Spirit International and Renegade Jeet Kune Do and is one of the most innovative minds in the martial arts world today. You can learn more about his work and programs at his website.


1) Thrusting Triangle 
- The Basic Drill 
- The Outside Thrust 
- Incidental Cutting 
- Crossada 
2) Cover and Slash 
- The Basic Drill 
- Positioning and Circling in Reverse-Grip 
- Neutralizing Techniques 
- Empty-Hand Applications 
3) Hubud and Other Drills 
- Interior Roll 
- Exterior Line 
- Swinging Gate Drill 
- Hubud-Lubud Drill 
- Hubud Applications 
- Empty-Hand Applications 
- Punyo Sumbrada 
4) Bonus Material

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