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Paladin Press - James Keating's Drawpoint V1

Drawpoint, Volume 1: Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting Fundamentals

Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting Fundamentals

with James A. Keating

805966 059730
60 minutes


Originally released on videotape as Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting, this updated DVD teaches you the fundamentals of knife combat using the reverse grip. Fighting with a knife is inherently dirty, dangerous and deadly. But when the going gets really tough in close-quarters, real-world knife fighters turn to the reverse grip to win the fight. Allowing you to get up close and personal with your assailant, the reverse grip also enables you to implement a variety of devastating hooking, trapping and immobilizing techniques that are virtually impossible to pull off with a conventional grip.

In this video, Master-at-Arms James Keating reveals reverse-grip knife fighting's secrets, from basic slashing and thrusting patterns to more advanced combat methods that integrate foot traps and live-hand striking to create a virtually unstoppable close-combat system. Keating also shows you advanced training drills and quick-draw methods that will help you hone your reflexes as sharp as your blade. For information purposes only.


James Keating has been a leader in the field of personal defense for more than 30 years. Best known for his groundbreaking work with edged weapons, Keating is considered a primary resource for state-of-the-art knife and counterknife skills. His videos on the defensive use of edged weapons are the best-selling videos of their kind.


1) Phase 1 
2) Phase 2 
3) Phase 3

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