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Paladin Press - Steve Gartin's Secrets of Silat


Crash Course Volume 18: Secrets of Silat

Knife Fighting Techniques of Silat and Kuntao

with Steve Gartin

805966 052533
60 minutes


It has been said that "without the knife, there is no silat." What this means is that the techniques of Indonesian knife fighting are in fact the backbone of the art of pentjak silat and the secret of its deadly effectiveness. Unfortunately, the connection between the silat blade art and its empty-hand application has never been clearly explained – until now. In this groundbreaking Paladin video production, silat expert Steve Gartin reveals the secrets of Indonesian knife fighting and shows you why the blade and empty-hand forms of the art are actually one. Gartin also demonstrates for the first time the little-known techniques of kuntao knife fighting and shows you how to make the techniques of this lethal unarmed fighting art even more deadly by applying them with a knife. This video is a fascinating exploration of the roots of the Indonesian martial arts and the awesome effectiveness of the knife in personal combat. For informational purposes only.


1) Silat 
2) Kuntao 
3) Silat and Kuntao 
4) Training Drills

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