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Paladin Press - A Professional's Guide to Ending Violence Quickly

A Professional's Guide to Ending Violence Quickly

How Bouncers, Bodyguards, And Other Security Professionals Handle Ugly Situations

by Marc "Animal" MacYoung

256 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"


People who deal with violence on a daily basis know that the best way to avoid getting injured or sued by the jerk who started the trouble is to defuse the situation or put him down fast and hard. Here Animal shows you how to do both.


Marc "Animal" MacYoung knows the ins and outs of American violence. He is the author of many books and has appeared in countless videos on street violence and self-defense for Paladin. Reading his books and watching his videos will save you a lot of hassles and a lot of hurt.


1) Escalato and Why You Shouldn't Play 
2) Professional Standards 
3) Physiology, Psychology, and Other Mumbo Jumbo 
4) Gettin' A Move On 
5) Counters, Blocks, Czechs and Even a Pole 
6) Awwwwww! He Fell Down (Okay So He Had A Little Help) 
7) There's More'n One Way To Skin a Cat 
8) Taking Away His Support 
9) Slaving 
10) Weapons 
11) Professionals 
12) Stages of Intoxication as Related to Violence 
13) Effects of Alcohol on Higher Brain Functions 
14) Four Types of Violence 
15) The Four Types if Violence and Their Counters 
16) Four Quads/Quarters and Windows 
17) Two Feet and Stance Integrity 
18) Murphy's Laws of Combat 
19) Applied Self-Defense Laws and Their Reasons 
20) Comments Regarding the Trigger

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Stickgrappler's Note: I am guessing the Paladin site will be shut down at the end of the year and I'm archiving select Paladin Press pages to my blog to preserve an essential part of martial arts from 1970-2017. Archiving some of my favorite Paladin titles.



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