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Paladin Press - Kelly Worden's 21st Century Knife Combat V2

Kelly Worden's 21st Century Knife Combat, Volume Two

Long Blade Fighting Strategies

by Kelly S. Worden

805966 056739
130 minutes


We all know that you just can't carry around a machete or sword in most jurisdictions, but that doesn't mean that the skills honed with a long blade can't be useful for the length of knife you're legally permitted to carry. That's where this explosive video production 21st Century Knife Combat, Vol. Two from Paladin Press comes in.

World-renowned knife expert Kelly S. Worden cuts through the fantasy inherent in most long blade combat systems, teaching you realistic knife fighting techniques that will work with any length blade. Starting with classical slashing and thrusting lines, Worden continues your education by drawing hard-core applications from the basics that will have your opponent at your mercy in split seconds. From there, he shows never-before-seen tactics from the Filipino flow drill sumbrada, combining them with knife disarms and disabling combative strikes. He also teaches how to adapt these real-world knife tactics to the baton, turning what might have been a deadly technique into something less lethal.

21st Century Knife Combat, Vol. Two is the second of a three-part video series on dealing with knife combat in today's violent society. For information purposes only.


Kelly S. Worden is the founder of Natural Spirit International and Renegade Jeet Kune Do and is one of the most innovative minds in the martial arts world today. You can learn more about his work and programs at his website.


1) Classic Slashing and Thrusting Lines 
- Rompida 
- Reverse and Standard Figure 8 
- Banda y Banda 
- Double Zeros 
- Redondo 
- Snap Cuts 
- Abaniko 
- Single Sinawali 
- Thrusting 
2) Applications from Classical Slashing and Thrusting Lines 
- Applications from Rompida 
- Applications from Reverse and Standard Figure 8 
- Applications from Banda y Banda 
- Applications from Double Zeros 
- Applications from Snap Cuts 
- Applications from Back Cuts 
- Applications from Single Sinawali 
3) Distraction Strategies 
4) Correlating Other Weapons to Knife Work 
- Movement Correlation to Spear and Staff 
- Movement Correlation to the Baton 
- Passing 
5) Using Two Weapons 
- Knife Boxing 
- Crossada 
- Sumbrada 
- Sumbrada with Espada y Daga 
- Disarms 
6) Knife Sparring

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