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Paladin Press - Urban Combatives Volume 1: Counter-Knife Tactics

Urban Combatives Volume 1: Counter-Knife Tactics

with Lee Morrison

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155 minutes


Relying on unarmed combatives against a knife is dangerous business. A streetfight is hostile, unpredictable, and downright vicious. In this exclusive video from Paladin Press, Urban Combatives instructor Lee Morrison teaches you how to remove the unpredictability and unleash a bit of viciousness yourself. Learn how to deal with a threat both before the knife is out and when the knife is in play, as well as how to prevail in holdups and ambushes. In a streetfight that involves an edged weapon, it's Russian roulette as to what happens to you. If avoidance, escape, and de-escalation are not options, this video will show you how to shut down the threat quickly and decisively. Be warned: this video does not sugarcoat the reality of a knife attack. While acknowledging the very real possibility that you will get cut, Lee shows you real-world situational control and damage-limitation strategies to increase your odds of survival. Reverse the confrontational dynamic, derail your assailant's intentions, and change your status from prey to predator. For information purposes only. 

"Lee Morrison is one of the nicest guys I know - until he's not. A no-shit tough guy who's earned my respect, Lee's intimacy with violence was developed over decades in the doorways of rough clubs and pubs in the UK where being a doorman is a professional pursuit and markedly different than in the US. Not only is he physically skilled, he understands violent behavior and blends together a psychological, verbal, and physical approach that is both relevant and practical. Lee's no poseur - he's fit, tough and walks the talk. Pay attention, you won't be sorry."
Kelly McCann


Lee Morrison was born in Southeast London during the latter part of the 1960s to a single parent on a low income. Coming from a rough area and humble beginnings, he learned two things early on: that you have to stand up for yourself and that people treat you the way you let them. He began karate when he was 11 years old, training in various styles for the next seven years, but sought combat proficiency elsewhere after his karate moves failed him during a mugging by two thugs outside a London tube station. Over the years he has trained in Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino weapon systems, wrestling, and Western boxing and combatives, but it was only after he started working as a club doorman that his urban combatives learning curve kicked in. He rapidly realized the need to whittle down his fighting moves to one or two good strikes that worked against all attacks.


1) Introduction 
- Edged Weapons and the Criminal Element 
- Understanding the Problem 
2) Physical Drills 
- Drill #1: Recognition 
- Drill #2: Flanking 
- Drill #3: Counter Response 
3) The Consequences of a Knife Attack 
4) Offensive Use of the Knife 
- Bulldog 
- Grab and Stab 
- Jailhouse 
5) Counter-Knife Concepts 
- The 3 E's 
- Fending 
- Interactive Training 
- Progression 1: Fend in Order 
- Progression 2: Fend Random 
- Progression 3: Counter Tools 
- Forehand Line 
- Backhand Line 
- Thrust 
- Grab and Stab 
- Brandish/Holdups

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