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Paladin Press - Secrets of Sinawali

Secrets of Sinawali

A Video Guide to Filipino Stick Drills

with Joseph Simonet and Addy Hernandez

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157 minutes


inawali, or double-stick training, is the foundation of the Filipino martial arts. This amazing training method develops striking power, coordination, line familiarity and the ability to use two weapons simultaneously. Its lightning-fast movements also hold the secrets of advanced fighting skills, teaching the practitioner to quickly identify and destroy vulnerable targets on an opponent's body the instant they become available.

In this dynamic video, best-selling Paladin authors Joseph Simonet and Addy Hernandez present step-by-step instruction in 27 sinawali drills. They then teach you how to modify these drills to include half-beat strikes, reverse-grip strikes and literally dozens of combinations and variations of the basic movements. For information purposes only.


Best-selling Paladin author Joseph Simonet is one of the most accomplished practitioners of the Indonesian art of Pentjak Silat in the United States. He is a certified instructor in five different martial arts systems. With Addy Hernandez, he operates KI Fighting Concepts in Wenatchee, WA, and teaches seminars on various martial arts subjects around the country.

Addy Hernandez holds black belts in kenpo karate, Escrido, and Doce Pares escrima and is a certified Yang-style taijiquan instructor. Learn more about their work and programs at their website.


1) Heaven Six 
2) Heaven and Earth Six 
3) Earth Six 
4) Heaven Ten 
5) Heaven and Earth Ten 
6) Earth Ten 
7) Putting the First Six Patterns Together 
8) Punyo Heaven Six 
9) Punyo Abaniko 
10) Four Count Closed 
11) Eight Count Transition 
12) Double Gan Sau Six Count 
13) Double Gan Sau Eight Count 
14) Eight Count 
15) Power Six 
16) Reverse Sinawali Low 
17) Reverse Sinawali High 
18) Four Count Open 
19) Punyo Play 
20) High-Low-High Single 
21) De-Sheath 
22) Fourteen Count 
23) Rooftop Six 
24) Abaniko Ten Count 
25) Abaniko Fourteen Count 
26) Espada y Daga 
27) Figure-Eight Attachments

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