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Hard-Core Countermeasures for High-Risk Situations
by Kelly McCann
NEW!  "McCann has kept his hands dirty for the 28 years I've know him, staying in the fight, and has served, as warriors do. This book contains his direct, unflinching opinions about close combat, and he ought to know." 
——Gen. A.M. Gray, 29th Commandant, USMC Former member of Joint Chiefs of Staff 
"If you are serious about self-defense, don't settle for theory. Buy this book and get the real deal." 
——Michael Janich, founder of Martial Blade Concepts 
"Kelly McCann's combatives mentality is as honest and straightforward as it can get." 
——Pat Miletich, five-time UFC champion 
Learn to prevail in any street conflict with the devastatingly effective principles and brutal techniques found in Combatives for Street Survival: Hard-Core Countermeasures for High-Risk Situations. Regardless of whether you are in Baghdad or Boston, author Kelly McCann's gritty portrayal of violence will teach you how to: 
  • Train realistically with a partner for street confrontations
  • Create opportunities to overwhelm an opponent with power
  • Identify threats and avoid conflicts
  • Develop the right mind-set for facing life-threatening situations
  • Execute techniques under duress but with destructive results
Filled with kicks, strikes, and skills that soldiers and civilians have successfully implemented, Combatives for Street Survival will teach you how to dominate would-be attackers in any violent and unexpected assault.
This title is not available to wholesalers 

Kelly McCann is one of America's foremost experts on personal and corporate security, armed and unarmed combat, and antiterrorist tactics. As the CEO of Crucible Security Specialists, he and his staff have provided security training for audiences ranging from elite U.S. counterterrorist units to Fortune 500 executives. He is also known to the public as "Jim Grover," former personal security editor for Guns and Ammo magazine and noted author of numerous instructional videos on armed and unarmed close combat and the best-selling book Street Smarts, Firearms, and Personal Security.

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