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Paladin Press - Kelly McCann's Street Smarts, Firearms, and Personal Security

Street Smarts, Firearms, and Personal Security

Jim Grover's Guide to Staying Alive and Avoiding Crime in the Real World

by Jim Grover, aka Kelly McCann

280 pages, 8.5" x 11"
photos, Illust.


Kelly McCann's professional credentials in the art of crime avoidance and self-defense are as good as it gets: on-site security specialist in the world's hottest of hot spots, combatives instructor to ultrahigh-speed military and police units, and hands-on security trainer to international corporations, among other sensitive assignments. Here is a compilation of the best of his wildly popular "Personal Security" columns in Guns & Ammomagazine. It covers the entire spectrum of personal security issues, with street-savvy ideas and twists you will find nowhere else. Learn how to vastly improve the physical security of your home; develop alert street smarts; stay safe while traveling in your vehicle, out of town or abroad; recognize and avoid crimes of the new millennium; keep your children safe; choose and use effective nonlethal weapons; engage in nasty unarmed combat; and utilize practical shooting skills that have been perfected in real-life situations. From spotting trouble before it happens to surviving a riot to handling a firearm like a pro, this book has it all!


Kelly McCann is one of America's foremost experts on personal and corporate security, armed and unarmed combat, and antiterrorist tactics. As the CEO of Crucible Security Specialists, he and his staff have provided security training for audiences ranging from elite U.S. counterterrorist units to Fortune 500 executives. He is also known to the public as "Jim Grover," former personal security editor for Guns and Ammo magazine and noted author of numerous instructional videos on armed and unarmed close combat and the best-selling book Street Smarts, Firearms, and Personal Security.


1) Physical Security 
- Is Your Home a Castle? 
- Is Your Home Secure? 
- Be a Tough Nut to Crack 
- Urban Apartment Crime Prevention 
- The Safe Room 
- A Bump in the Night 
2) Street Smarts 
- It can Happen to Anyone 
- Spotting Trouble Before it Happens 
- Street Smart 
- Don't Look Like a Victim! 
- Mental Preparedness and Self Defense 
- The Art of Distraction 
- Self-Defense for Seniors 
- The Problem with Parking Lots 
- Are You Really Safe? 
- Defensible Reactions 
3) Travel 
- Vehicle Security 
- Security on the Road 
- Away Overnight 
- Out-of-Town Survival 
- Secrets to Safe Foreign Travel 
- Don't Be an Innocent Abroad! 
- Stay on Guard Overseas 
- Gone to Hell in a Handbasket 
4) Modern Crime 
- A Cram Course in Scams 
- Information Control 
- The Biggest Steal 
- How to Survive a Riot 
- Domestic Terrorism 
- Terrorism 2000 
5) Kids 
- How Safe Are Your Children? 
- Get 'Em Street Smart 
- Monitor Those Monitors 
- Crime on the College Campus 
- A Crash Course in Campus Security 
- Campus Crime Against Women 
6) Alternative Weapons 
- Less-Than-Lethal Defense Weapons 
- The Facts on Pepper Spray 
- Key-Chain Defense 
- Knives : A Good Bet or Not? 
- Personal Protection Gear 
7) Combatives 
- Physical Attacks: Fast, Violent, Relentless 
- 30 Yards, 30 Seconds 
- "Fending" For Your Life 
- Street Knife Fighting 
8) Shooting Fundamentals 
- Defensive Handgunning Fundamentals 
- How to Pick a Good Firearms Instructor 
- Safe Live-Fire Training 
- How to Handle Your Handgun Like a Pro 
- Does Caliber Count? 
- A Gun When You Need It 
- Basic Combat Shooting Drills 
- Shoot Smart 
- Common Sense and Shooting Stances 
- Learn to Master the Combat Draw 
- Master the Combat Reload 
- First-Time Concealed-Carry Tips 
- Training for Concealed Carry 
- Tips on Urban Survival Gear 
9) Shooting Situations 
- Home Defense Strategies 
- Effective Vehicle Defense 
- Nighttime Survival Shooting 
- Confined-Area Shooting 
- Tips for Multiple Attackers 
- One-Handed Point Shooting 
- Shooting and Movement 
- Team Tactics for Survival 
- Downed Officer and Weak-Hand Drills

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