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Paladin Press - Mark Hatmaker's The Complete Pugilist

The Complete Pugilist

The Definitive Guide to Old-School Boxing, Dirty Boxing, and the Sweet Science

with Mark Hatmaker

805966 051932
600 minutes


Paladin Press and best-selling author Mark Hatmaker bring you 10 hours of precise, detailed instruction in every major aspect of boxing from No-Holds-Barred fighting to the sweet science of today, giving you what you need to win in the cage, ring or octagon. Focusing first on the basics of footwork, ring generalship and body movement to keep your opponent from landing a punch, he then teaches the fundamentals of striking, from such basic punches as shovel hooks and the true cross to "illegal" shots like elbow strikes, foot stomps and hacksaws. From there, he shows you the most effective combinations and how to string them together to maintain an unbeatable offense and put your opponent on the canvas. 

In the lengthy trigger punching section, you learn how to best make use of body angling to turn your opponent's offense against him. Finally, Hatmaker teaches little-known strategies of clinching, feinting, infighting and more to ensure victory whether you're in the arena or on the street. If you're a boxer looking to hone his game, a beginning student seeking instruction in one of the oldest fighting sports known, or a practitioner of any martial art looking for a proven system of stand-up fighting for self-defense, this video production is tailor-made for you. For information purposes only.


Mark Hatmaker is a lifelong student of the martial arts with more than 24 years of experience in Western boxing, wrestling, and no-holds-barred fighting. Known as "The Professor of Grappling," he is widely recognized for his pragmatic, results-oriented approach to combat training. Hatmaker conducts regular seminars across the country and can be visited at his website.


1) The Basics 
- Fist Rolling 
- Stance 
- Hand Position 
- Footwork 
- Clapper Drill 
- Upper Body Movement 
- Long & Short Rhythm 
2) The Arsenal 
- Jabs 
- Crosses 
- Hooks 
- Uppercuts 
- Hammers 
- Hacksaws 
- Ax Punches 
- Hitch-Hiking 
- Poppers 
- Shrugs 
- Elbows 
- Headbutts 
- Wrenches 
3) Defense 
- Jab Defenses 
- Cross Defenses 
- Hook Defenses 
- Uppercut Defenses 
- Elbow Defenses 
- Aggressive Defense 
4) Jab Drills 
5) Combinations 
6) Trigger Punching 
7) Counterpunching Flow Drills 
8) Feinting 
9) Drawing 
10) Shuffling 
11) Pivoting and Waltzing 
12) Cornering and Ropes Drills 
13) Infighting 
14) Clinching 
15) Putting It All Together 
16) Sparring

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Stickgrappler's Note: I am guessing the Paladin site will be shut down at the end of the year and I'm archiving select Paladin Press pages to my blog to preserve an essential part of martial arts from 1970-2017. Archiving some of my favorite Paladin titles.



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