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Paladin Press - James Keating's Drawpoint V2

Drawpoint, Volume 2: Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting Tactics

Reverse-Grip Knife-Fighting Tactics

with James A. Keating

805966 059839
60 minutes


Building on the skills and techniques Master-at-Arms James Keating taught in the first volume of the series, this video continues your education in knife combat with the reverse grip.

Focusing on the edge rather than the point, Keating shows you how to perform the cover and slash drill: the fundamental combat drill every competent edged-weapon fighter needs to know. With his typical attention to detail, he teaches rapid knife deployment and maximum efficiency in close-quarter combat, demonstrating how this drill and the applications drawn from it can defend against both high-line and low-line attacks, how you can perform less-lethal attacks with the blade, lightning-quick drawing and cutting attacks, and more. Keating also teaches you to execute the drill with a knife in each hand, turning you into that most lethal of adversaries: the ambidextrous fighter.

And even if you don't have a knife, the empty-hand applications taught in this video will have you destroying your assailant's attacking limbs in no time, allowing you to win the fight even when you're behind the curve. For information purposes only.


James Keating has been a leader in the field of personal defense for more than 30 years. Best known for his groundbreaking work with edged weapons, Keating is considered a primary resource for state-of-the-art knife and counterknife skills. His videos on the defensive use of edged weapons are the best-selling videos of their kind.


1) Slashing 
2) Double Knife 
3) Empty Hand 
4) Drawing 
5) Weapon Ideas 
6) Summary & Hubud 
7) Sumbrada Demo

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