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Paladin Press - Combat Systema V1: Hand-to-Hand Combat

Combat Systema: Volume 1

The Russian Martial Art of Hand-to-Hand Combat

with Kevin Secours

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120 minutes


Russian Systema traces its origins to various Cossack systems of the 10th century, including Gruntovsky, Buza, and Skobar styles. These styles were typically defined by the absence of rote memorization and fixed techniques. Later when the Soviet government commissioned the development of a research center for human maximization, the synthesized research in the Asian arts—along with a consolidation of the most pertinent attributes of their indigenous Russian martial arts—created various systems of combat designed to meet the demands of the modern soldier. These combat systems included sport sambo, combat sambo, and Samoz, which later evolved into Systema (or the "system"). 

The Combat Systema approach outlined in this video series was created by Kevin Secours, after years of high-level study under top Russian masters. It is defined by a scientific approach to biomechanics, breath training, and combat psychology. The continuous use of pressure testing to measure and refine those attributes, combined with continued research in human performance, has helped shaped the most complete solution possible for the needs of the modern practitioner. 

Secours' first video with Paladin Press, Combat Systema: The Russian Martial Art of Hand-to-Hand Combat focuses on empty-hand combat techniques. From upper body and lower body strikes to stance infiltration, power generation, escapes from holds, and power absorption, this video offers a comprehensive, integrated understanding of the ground-breaking Russian training methodologies, specifically adapted for Western students and practitioners. For information purposes only.


Kevin Secours is an internationally known personal-protection professional, specializing in the art of Russian Systema. One of the most renowned non-Russian practitioners of Russian Systema living outside Russia, Secours has more than 16 years of training and experience in Systema. Known for his concise grasp of Systema and his innovative approach to sharing his knowledge, Secours has published some of the first and most comprehensive articles on the subject. In 2010, Kevin formed The International Combat Systema Association to more fully represent his continuing evolution and understanding of the Russian martial arts. His interpretation is currently practiced by more than 100 affiliates worldwide.

In addition to Systema, Secours holds a 6th-degree black belt in Goshinbudo under Sensei Sali Azem, a 3rd-degree black belt in Modern Kempo Jujitsu, a 1st-degree black belt in Akai Ryu Jiu-Jitsu, and full instructorship in Five Animal Shaolin Chuanshu. He also has more than 15 years of experience in tai chi and yoga, as well as extensive experience in the grappling arts.


1) Upper Body Strikes 
- Finger Whip 
- Power Generation Concepts 
- Palm Wedge 
- The Slavic Jab 
- Reactive Breathing 
- Stance Infiltration 
- Elbow Strikes 
- Low-Frame Elbow 
- Mid-Frame Elbow 
- High-Frame Elbow 
- Targeting Drill 
2) Lower Body Strikes 
- Thrust Kick 
- Stop Kick 
- Push Kick 
- The Rotational Motion 
- Cut Kick 
3) Combat Clinching 
- Underhook and Pike 
- Taking the Back 
- The Bear Trap 
- Low Line Attacks 
- Dirty Boxing 
- Hand Fighting 
- Russian Arm Tie 
- Over Wrap 
- Nape Grab 
- The Guillotine 
- The Headlock 
4) Absorbing the Strikes 
- Push-Yield Drill 
- Face Contact 
- Leg Contact

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