Friday, April 06, 2001

Basketball Drill 3

basketball drill 3

Subject: RE: INFO
From: Bolo
Date: 03-Apr-01 | 05:58 PM

Lay your chest on the ball and put your hands out wide as if you are flying like Superman. Sprawl your legs out so the only thing that is touching the ground is your feet. Keeping contact with your torso at all times, lean your weight on the ball and switch your body and leg position as if you are switching to a different pin. Keep changin your body position as if you are switching from pin to pin. Keep your arms out to ensure that you are maximizing the body weight that is being placed on the ball.

Subject: RE: INFO
From: nubian
Date: 07-Apr-01 | 02:45 PM

I only know of a few with a basketball, but you can do more with a heavy bag. With a basketball, you can practice spinning belly down, like if you were spinning from a front sprawl to someone's back. I guess you could practice knee on stomach as well, but this would be easier with a heavy bag or grappling dummy. With a heavy bag, you can practice distributing weight throughout your transistions. Like switching from side control to kesi gatame, to knee on stomach, to mount, etc. Tony Giammatteo

Subject: RE: INFO
From: greenknght
Date: 07-Apr-01 | 05:01 PM

Tony Cecchine teaches an exercise w/ a basketball and a bathroom scale. You put the b-ball on the scale then lay acrross it with your chest as if you had a person in the side mount. The scale registers the amount of pressure you exert, so you can make adjustments until you exert max pressure. You can switch to scarf hold, etc., and if you don't exert the same or similar pressure in all positions, there is room for improvement in your technique. Pretty cool trick.

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