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The often-mentioned famous basketball drill for solo grappling training

The often-mentioned famous basketball drill for solo grappling training

Subject: basketball drill
From: Kirik
Date: 30-Jul-99 | 02:23 PM

Subject: Awesome drill for KIRIK
From: earthworm
Date: 13-Oct-98 | 07:56 PM

Learned this from Rigan Machado.Take a basketball and place it on the floor.Put your chest on it and roll forward slightly keeping your knees and arms from touching the ground.Press hard into the ball and spin on it.Next,switch from side to side for scarf hold .Again,it is important not to touch the ground with knees or arms.This is even HARDER than a moving opponent.When you get real good you can even grab the ball and pop up to knee mount(knee on the rolling ball),throw a couple punches and drive your chest down HARD back into the ball.You have to stay up on the balls of your feet constantly driving your weight down into the ball.You can also use a big ball to lay on and practice popping your hips forward(to simulate passing the guard)This is one of Rigans secrets guys.He doesnt just cross chest a guy.He crushes them.Ive tapped guys out by doing switches this knocks the wind out of you.

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