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Basketball Drill Revisited

Basketball Drill Revisited

Subject: Positioning and Controling Drills
From: coach
Date: 30-Oct-00 | 05:41 PM

Can someone please describe the basketball drill used for grappling training. I hear it's great for positioning and controlling. I would like to introduce some new drills to complement wrestling training.

Thank you in advanced.

Subject: RE: INFO
From: m.g
Date: 31-Oct-00 | 03:19 PM

The basketball drill is an excellent drill to develop holddowns. It is said that Rigan Machado uses this drill alot. However I got this drill from an old Judo book call "the secrets of Judo". This book is essential a physics book which uses Judo as a way to explain Physics (and vice versa).

Basically what you do is start from the hindu pushup position (also call the drive bomber push up) and have the basketball just in front of your chest. Your going to thrust your chest forward like your doing the hindu pushup letting your chest roll on the basketball.

I would start with my hands forward at first, later on you can place them behind your back as you do the movement.

The another drill you can do is lay on top of the ball with both legs behind you. You're going to then sit out with on leg so that you in a "kesa gatame" position. From here you bring the leg back to the center and sitout with the other leg so that you in the "kesa gatame" position in the other direction.

To add spice to this when you sit out to the "Kesa" position walk one leg over the other then move into a sitout, then walk the leg over the other again. What your doing is move in a circle continously walking over the top of one leg and then moving into a sitout with the other. It simulate the leg action of the clock choke or Koshi Jime.

You can also just stay in the sitout position and circle around the ball simulating continous holding with "kesa gatame". The same can be done with the Upper hold (north/south). You just circle around the ball with continous pressure with you leg behind you as if you're in the north/south position. You can put you hands behind your back when you do this (warning putting you hands behind your back is hell on you so don't do that so to long).

You can also do it for knee-on-the stomach and even triangle chokes.

I being using the basketball drills for about 4 years. And it works. It helps you develop sensitivty, and how to spread your body weight over an object. It doesn't take much time and energy to do. There are other drills I use the basketball to develop hold transitions but thats another post.

Subject: RE: INFO
From: bounce
Date: 31-Oct-00 | 03:47 PM

Basketball Newaza Movement Development Drill

Drill Objective

The primary objective of this training drill is to develop kinesthetic awareness through contact with a moving body. The secondary objective of this drill is to improve aerobic capacity.

Equipment Needed

Fully inflated basketball for each player.

T-shirt or sweatshirt(remove your Gi jacket)

Drill Performance

You may not use your hands to keep balance. Begin by lying on the basketball with your chest. Move around the ball to both right and left. As you move around the ball roll yourself over to rest your back on the basketball. Roll on the ball from your shoulders to your hips on all four sides of your body. Spin 360 degrees around the ball on all four sides of your body. Duration: Gradually increase the drill to match the expected duration of up-coming matches.

This is from the Training Drills address that M Tripp gave a while back.

Subject: RE: INFO
From: coach
Date: 31-Oct-00 | 06:58 PM

Thank you very much... Cut and pasted!

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