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Jailhouse Rock Interview 2 answers

Jailhouse Rock Interview 2 answers

From: dempsy
Date: 12-Oct-99 | 07:17 PM

OK GUYS HERE ARE THE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS> I am sure that the answers will in turn only produce more questions but its a start. Again I would like to thank Mr. Newsome for his time, and willingness to share information. Now again I make my own disclaimer. Things went quickly and i do not write that fast, lol. Please be aware that i may have missed somethings or accidentally misquoted. I appologize ahead of time. I tried my best though to make sure i didnt. Also i paraphrase a bit, in order to better state things i wrote in short hand. ok here goes. These are answers only i figure maybe Stickgrappler could put them together with the questions.


From: Stovall
Date: 04-Oct-99 | 04:46 PM

Does JHR incorporate striking to vital points? If so, are we talking obvious easy-to-hit targets (eyes, throat, sternum, groin), or does JHR incorporate more intricate striking like what can be found in some Asian arts (most noteably Chinese)?


a. Yes JHR has vital point striking.
b. It is complex, comprable n complexity to asian arts.


From: Stovall
Date: 04-Oct-99 | 04:54 PM

I know that all of JHR's kicks are kept on the lowline, but what kind of kicks are we talking about? Hooking roundhouse kicks like Muay Thai, or low stomping oblique kicks like what can be found in many Southeast Asian styles?


"IN 52 there are more direct kicks" some systems have no kicks such as one that fights off of the knees, and some of the more grappling based JHR systems. *Note Mr. Newsome made it clear that it doesnt look like a karate kick he attributes this to the way "people" move naturally. "people" refers to cultural/ethnic. he offered a savate vs karate front kick as an example of how people from different cultures do the same tech but it looks different. the diferences is because of te certain way of moving a "people" have.


From: Stovall
Date: 04-Oct-99 | 04:57 PM

Does Newsome object to sharing his art with non-Blacks, or is he more open than other JHR people?


No, he and many others are not open to it The LAPD has offered to pay him as an istructor but he has declined because he feels that it will be used in a bad way. Also more importantly in a bad way against blacks. His reservations are based on responsability to his people. Mr. Newsome has heard of some non-blacks learning JHR but states that they must have earned the privilage. That they must have respected it, kept their mouths hut, and not exploited it. Trust that JHR will not be exploited or misused it the key factor. Money isnt enough.


From: Stovall
Date: 04-Oct-99 | 08:16 PM
In Lethal Weapon, there is a scene where Gary Bussey's character is being handcuffed and led away by two police officers. He uses what appears to be some sort of locking technique coupled with zoning and misdirection to free himself and disarm one of the policemen. Did Newsome choreagraph this sequence, and if so, is it an example of some of the "anti-cuffing" techniques that I have heard rumored to exist within some systems of JHR?

In the book, "Martial Arts from Around the World", Newsome can be seen demonstrating a series of JHR techniques. One of the striking techniques he employs involves clasping one's hands behind the head and striking with the elbows. I'd like to know what this particular manuever is called, and is it (as it appears to be) one of the "staple" moves of JHR? Also, why are the hands kept clasped behind the head? Is this to put the arms into a position so as to block/cushion the head from wild hooking blows (common in the street) while keeping oneself in a position to return elbow strikes in an efficient manner?


"I dont remember" the exact tech. But yes JHR has anti cuffing tech as well as weapon disarms. Most of the movie's fight scenes were scripted by Mr. Newsome and not Rorion Gracie. So chances are the tech had a base in a jhr anti-cuffing tech,


4C (on elbow clasped position)

It is called twirling elbowss. Its part of 52, but not all JHR systems. It is a sub set within the system. the tech. in this set are offensive in nature. They are complimented by another sub set o tech called creasing. Which is defensive in nature. Creasing is an advanced blocking system where hands are used in many orthadox and unorthadox positions.

4D Twirling elbows can be used as something of a blitz tech. but it is controled and ot wild. often used when you find yourself cornered as a path clearing tech. in function similar to a straight blast in JKD. Also similar to the straight blast s the "bicycle" Which is like a straight blast but more advanced because it allows for one to easily flow into other striking and locking tech. it has several variations and movement principles that apply to its execution.


From: Jinxer
Date: 04-Oct-99 | 05:23 PM

Ask him if he has ever used JHR in a real prison. Ask him what the repurcussions were.

Ask him if there are any JHR techniques that defend against getting shanked. Actually, ask him how you use JHR to defend against a 2 man hit, which is common.

Ask him if he has or would use JHR against a member of Mexican Mafia, New Structure, BGF, White Pride or any other prison gang. If he would use JHR, how does he feel JHR would help him with the negative shit that would follow?

Ask him why people I have asked that did prison time have never heard of JHR.

Ask him when JHR is used, against cell-mates? On the yard? On work furlows? Ask him how the Shu program works with people that know JHR?

These are serious questions from somebody that knows a thing or two about doing time.

Yes, I have my reservations against



-mr. Newsome has never been to prison but says its common sense that if caught fighting you will get in trouble and worsen your stay.

side note* in street fights Mr. Newsome has fought exponents of wing chun, boxing, aikijujitsu, dragon kung fu, tae kwon do and judo. He has never lost using JHR. and when asked stated that the JUDO player was the best of the lot.(because of the tech offered to him by his system not individual prowess). The only time mr. Newsome claims to have suffered injury was at the hands of another JHR practitioner.

5-B (part one)-YES

(part 2)- It is based on mathamatics and body positioning. One example is a tech called the "sandwitch" one attacker in front the other in back with you in the middle. You must "triangle" out and place your self into a position where both attackers are kept in front of you (note* Dempsy has seen this on Vunak's multiple attacker tape)

Also there are 2 on one tech where you use one attacker as a shield. You work him over while also using him as a shield and proceed to attack the second opponent. Also "wall fighting" is a tech used where you use surrounding walls for cover. one fights off the wall without comming off.

[Note: This was all that was posted by dempsy. I have put the questions together with the answers. Check out JAIL HOUSE ROCK INTERVIEW PART 2 – Questions to be asked for the full set of questions.]

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