Friday, May 23, 2008

The 52 Hand Blocks aka...

... 52 Blocks aka Jailhouse Rock aka a lot more names it's known by

Check out my friend Daniel Marks' site:

Fwape is dedicated to the cultural and historical preservation of 52.

For some background information on 52 Blocks, please check out my site, Stickgrappler's Martial Arts Archives, specifically the 52/JHR page.

It is interesting to note, I was one of the first on the net to archive a lot of info (or misinfo) on 52. 1 of 3 popular topics off my site that I received emails on was on 52.

Check out Daniel's other 52 videos up on youtube!


Sovann Pen said...

Hey Stick,

Cool blog bro!

Stickgrappler said...

hey Sovann, sorry for getting back so late to you here... unlike you, i have not had the blogging routine down pat yet lol

hope all is well and thank you for your comment... gonna make time shortly to add a link to your blog.


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