Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tom Meadows and the Whip

With the posts on the Whip, I should mention Tom Meadows. I, unbeknownst to me at the time, first saw Tom Meadows in action in the Dog Brothers' Real Contact Stickfighting Vol #6 - The Stick vs Other Weapons ( In it, he used a 10' whip and a 6' whip. I was fascinated by his whipwork.

Fast forward a year or two, a friend told me about this free emailing list on the Filipino Martial Arts called Eskrima Digest (for info on subscribing: I joined and saw that Guro Marc 'Crafty Dog' Denny regularly posted there. I asked who the whipfighter was and he posted who it was. One or two days later, Tom Meadows himself, posted some comments about the experiences he had from those fights.
Anyway, he wrote a book publised by Paladin Press, THE FILIPINO FIGHTING WHIP Advanced Training Methods and Combat Applications, which I will be getting sooner or later, probably later as I've a few other books to read.

He was a featured author at Paladin's site. Check out the article/interview. Good stuff!



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