Thursday, March 23, 2000

Dealing with Jailhouse Rock...

Subject: Dealing with Jailhouse Rock...
From: Jinxer
Date: 01-Oct-99 | 04:56 PM

There is one thing that defeats any Jailhouse Rock move... it's called a shank.

My brother did an 8 year term and was released 2 years ago. Part of that at Corcoran state prison and part of that at Folsom.

He has never heard of jailhouse rock. And has never seen anyone do any type of martial arts in prison. He said that fist fights were very rare. And when they did occur, it usually didn't just end with a fight. It usually ended with one of them shanking the other one.

If Jailhouse Rock exists, it is only used among blacks. When a black guy had to be dealt with by the Mexican Mafia, they did not fight him, they walked right up behind him and stuck something in his neck.


And like Snoop Doggy Dogg says in the song Little Ghetto Boy - "You better be strapped with your shank cause ain't no fist fights."

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NOTE: Posted 10/12/2015 as of 3/23/2000 to mirror date of my original post from my old archives which has been deleted by Tripod without my knowledge. You can see the Internet Archive's link Dealing with Jailhouse Rock... of its snapshot of my old archives.



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