Monday, October 16, 2017

Inktober Day #16- "Box Theory" by Terry Trahan

Please note my drawing of the box should be tighter and touching the shoulders

Another gesture drawing for Day 16 of Inktober. Today's focus is on the "Box Theory" by Terry Trahan.

  1. Box  surrounds upper body
  2. Starts at forehead and extends horizontally to shoulders
  3. Goes down to groin
  4. Keep weapons in this box
  5. Don't overextend
    1. Wastes time
    2. Takes longer to arrive where they need to be
    3. Sacrifices position - nothing beyond boundaries needs defending - all targets to be attacked are inside the box
    4. Decreases reaction time by staying in the box
    5. Offensively, increases speed because weapon is closer to targets - stronger impact using body torque - hampens opponent's ability to pick up on attack

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