Monday, October 30, 2017

Inktober Day #30 - Michael Janich's/MBC's Abanico

30th day of Inktober! After today, only 1 more day and picture left! What a project!

Today's picture is on the Abanico technique as taught by Michael Janich that is common in the Filipino Martial Arts. 

My previous drawings/notes on Michael Janich / Martial Blade Concepts in case you missed them: 

From "Knifefighting:  A Practical Course" (1993)
by Michael Janich, Pages 37-38



"Abanico" is a quick combination of two cuts. First cut is a 'meet the force' (your attack meets his attack) and intercepts the incoming slash. Immediately after the first cut, put your safety check in place and rotate your hand to flow into a second cut in the opposite direction. Moves are tight and fast. Draw your edge through each cut.

  • "Abanico" is the Spanish word for "Fan"
  • Combination of inward slash and a backhand slash thrown in quick succession
  • After the knife cuts, quickly rotate wrist to palm down and cut in opposite direction with a backhand slash
  • Can reverse the order of cuts
  • Can progress to doing two abanicos

One more day/picture tomorrow!

My drawings for Inktober 2017 - drawing at least 1 pic each day in October:



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