Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Exposing "Exposure" (aka "High Art" (1991) - A look at the knifework - Part III

Happy 64th Birthday Tchéky Karyo!!! 

In his honor, I'm posting some animated GIFs I've made of scenes of him as Hermes from Exposure (1991) aka A High Art aka Knifefighter. The movie was based on Brazilian author Rubem Fonseca's "Du Grand Art" aka "High Art" from 1986.

A link below to a video includes a knifefight and training scenes which elevated this movie into cult status!


This entry is the 3rd and final GIF set. The previous 2 sets can be found here:

The full training scene of Hermes

The full training scene of Hermes spliced up

In case the embedded video of this scene doesn't show up, please check out:

Hope you enjoyed these GIFs and video. Trust Tchéky Karyo will enjoy his day!



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