Friday, October 06, 2017

Inktober Day #6 - "Grab & Stab" vs. "C" Grips

For the 6th day in a row, I've drawn a picture to practice drawing. Still at a rudimentary level, but I'm not looking to sell my art, just develop some skill in drawing quickly as a form of quick notes-taking should the need arise. Gratitude to an Instagram friend, Christoper D., for putting a name/label to what I'm looking to do... "gesture drawing".

Some thoughts on today's focus:  "Grab & Stab" below.

"Grab & Stab" vs. "C" Grips
  • "Grab & Stab"
  • "Prison Sewing Machine"
  • "C" or "V" Grips


  1. "K" will grab "D"'s shirt and look to pump/shank "D" - method is a common street attack and generally called "Grab & Stab"
  2. K's complementary arm will be horizontal and posted onto D's upper body while grabbing a part of the clothing
  3. "Prison Sewing Machine" - term seem to have stuck within the RBSD (Reality-Based Self-Defense) industry. First coined by Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny IIRC. Stabbing like shanking in Prison. "Sewing Machine" - the repetitive stabbing motion like the needle in a sewing machine.
  4. One idea for defense by "D" - Double "C" grips (aka Double "V" grips - so named for the shape of the hand with thumbs outstretched) looking to capture stabbing arm - WILL THIS WORK VS PRIMAL FORWARD AGGRESSION THAT IS TRULY LOOKING TO END "D"'S LIFE?

My drawings for Inktober 2017 - drawing at least 1 pic each day in October:



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