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Inktober Day #23 - John Styers' In-Quartata (or Out-of-Line)

Day 23 of Inktober ... continuing my research into knifefighting. Today's focus is on John Styers's In-Quartata. In case you missed my previous entries on John Styers, please check out:

Below is my transcription straight from the Close Combat Classic, Cold Steel.

From Cold Steel (1952)
By John Styers
Pages 56-60

  1. The in-quartata or out-of-line starts from the guard position. Conceal the nature of your attack until opponent is in range.
  2. When opponent rushes into range, thrust home and apply power with the rear leg, directing the body to the right side.
  3. Your rear leg will push off and swing to the right, pivoting the body out of line with the oncoming rush of your opponent.
  4. The full pivot out of line, with your rear foot solidly planted. Retain your full thrust, letting the opponent cut the blade out. If you attack an enemy from the rear or flank, try a straight thrust to the throat with the full edge, not the point, of your blade. Immediately draw the knife back, snapping the cutting edge of the knife across opponent's throat, making two cuts.


The defensive movement in fencing known as in-quartata or OUT-OF-LINE is a fine movement of the feet which throws the body approximately three feet out of the line of your opponent's attack if he attacks with so much force that you do not choose to be there to meet it with a stop thrust.

From your guard position, knees slightly bent, you execute a full thrust as the torso vigorously pivots, assisted by the free arm whipping back.

You will also utilize the FULL POWER of your REAR leg to pivot the whole body on the FORWARD leg. Your rear leg swings around in an arc and lands on the opposite side. Your entire stance should now look like a full sabre thrust from a sabre stance, but YOU ARE AT AN ANGLE TO YOLR OPPONENT.

Your opponent's momentum will carry him over your original position, by about two or three feet. There will be no need for you to withdraw your blade from your opponent, his momentum will carry his BODY OUT OF THE BLADE!

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