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Inktober Day #22 - Lee Morrison's/UC's The 3 Es

Counting down until the end of October ... 9 days left until end of Inktober.

Today's picture/drawing is on the anti-knife ROE (rules of engagement) taught by Lee Morrison of Urban Combatives.

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My transcription of the caption as well as some notes below.

From "The Complete Book of Urban Combatives" (2015)
By Lee Morrison
Chapter 14: Counterweapons Training
Pages 145-146

  • Peter Robins and Paul Child formulated the STAB (Strategic Tactics Against Blade) course taught in CODA (Combative Oriental and Defendu Arts).
  • CODA founded in 1993.
  • Lee Morrison credits STAB for most of the knifefighting and counterweapons training he teaches in UC (Urban Combatives).

The Three Es: Escape, Equalize, Eliminate
  1. First choice: If you have the option to Escape, do so.
  2. Second option: Equalize the threat - pick up anything close to use to even the odds ... hit, throw or shield with the equalizer.
  3. Third choice: Eliminate threat - shift into do-or-die mindset. My drawing doesn't include "Eliminate" - that may be a future drawing/picture, but basically you do what you have trained in for the third "E".

Learn to recognize these Pre-Assault Cues! Dan Inosanto teaches as his anti-knife ROE (Rules of Engagement):

  1. Run!
  2. Throw things!
  3. Use things!
  4. Martial Arts -- and expect to get cut.
IMO, STAB's The Three Es is an easy concise way to remember Dan Inosanto's anti-knife ROE. You now have a set of ROE to work under. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!!

Be aware and stay safe my Friends!

My drawings for Inktober 2017 - drawing at least 1 pic each day in October:



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