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Inktober Day #26 - Amante Marinas'/Pananandata's 12 Targets

Day #26 of "Inktober"! 5 more days! Can you believe it?

Here's another drawing related to knifefighting as well as my notes below. Today I'm continuing on targeting. In case you missed my previous posts on targeting:

Below is my transcription as well as some comments.

From "Pananandata Knife Fighting" (1986)
By Amante P. Marinas Sr.
Pages 5-11

The Twelve Tagas

The eighteen basic attacks of pananandata may be grouped twelve at a time. The possibility of the repetition of an attack within the group of twelve movements will result in numerous combinations. By algebraic methods, the exact number of 12-taga abakadas (forms) may be determined. Though not directly applicable to combat, the twelve tagas , practiced diligently, will lend instinctive skill to the free fighter.

The twelve tagas have for their targets parts of the body from the groin to the top of the head. The twelve tagas consist of nine cutting actions and three thrusts. Two of the thrusts may also be delivered like cuts. Of the cuts, six are executed horizontally; two diagonally; and one vertically. Five of the attacks originate from the right, five from the left, and two from the center. The cuts, thrusts, and their targets are:

  1. Tabas talahib: Temple - RFH (right forehand) slash to temple, palm up
  2. Tagang alanganin: Jaw - RBH (right backhand) slash to jaw, palm down
  3. Tabas talahib: Biceps - RFH slash to biceps, palm up
  4. Tagang alanganin: Elbow - RBH slash to elbow, palm down
  5. Saksak sa sikmura: Solar plexus - Right thrust to solar plexus
  6. Aldabis sa ilalim: Groin - RBH slash to groin - palm down
  7. Saksak sa kanan: Chest - RFH thrust to chest - palm down
  8. Tagang buhat araw: Top of head - Right vertical slash down to head
  9. Tabas talahib: Neck - RFH slash to neck - palm up
  10. Tagang alanganin: Neck - RBH slash to neck - palm down
  11. Tagang San Miguel: Side of head - RFH slash to side of head - palm up
  12. Sungkit sa kaliwa: Side of face - RBH thrust to side of face - palm up

Note: Any mistakes in transcription/interpretation are mine.

My drawings for Inktober 2017 - drawing at least 1 pic each day in October:



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