Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Inktober Day #31: Craig Douglas' Pikal: Some points and stance

Today marks the last day of October and if you have been following along with me, that means it's also the last day of Inktober where artists draw a picture a day in October. I am not suggesting I'm an artist though. I used Inktober to practice my 'gesture drawing' skills as well as read/reread/research knifefighting. Why knifefighting? Learn how to use the knife in order to know how to defend against it.

Can you believe it? It seemed daunting at the onset, but lo and behold, here we are! For my Day #31 of Inktober picture, I'm focusing on Craig Douglas' Pikal expression.

Thank you all for your feedback and support as well as joining me in this project in my Sojourn of Septillion Steps!

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OK, now that the above 'housekeeping' is done ...

(Begin Big John McCarthy voice :-)

Are you ready?



From "An Expression of Pikal"
Craig Douglas aka "SouthNarc"
Pages 1-2

  • "Pikal" - Visayan dialect; means "to rip"
  • "RGEI" - Reverse Grip Edge In... Edge facing body... thrust-heavy application
  • Angles are simply the common #1 and #2 strokes in Filipino Martial Arts regardless of whether it's a diagonal, horizontal, upwards or downwards
  • Objective:  Bull through adversary, thrusting like a sewing machine, rapid-fire and ballistic
  • Attributes that drive the system:
    • Footwork - allows one to close and hit
    • Power - drives blade and sink tip through flesh/clothing
    • Mechanics - hook and clear the interrupted thrust line

  • Weapon side forward
  • Point facing adversary
  • Unencumbered hand behind weapon
  • On balls of feet for quick zoning in and out of range
  • Keep everything compacted


  • Face obscured because at the time, SouthNarc was still an active duty undercover narcotics officer in the southern USA when he shared his expression of Pikal, hence, his nick of "SouthNarc"
  • Rear heel raised
  • RGEI - prior to Craig Douglas sharing his expression of Pikal, there were not many instructors publically teaching the RGEI... any time you look in a book or article prior to his teaching, anytime you saw reverse grip aka "icepick" - the edge was facing out and not INTO the body!
  • Humans are generally stronger pulling in than pushing out and with RGEI, a lot of damage can be caused on the pull-in
  • More on SouthNarc's Pikal in the near future.

My drawings for Inktober 2017 - drawing at least 1 pic each day in October:



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