Wednesday, October 11, 2017

8 GIFs of Kneepicks aka Knee taps

I had noticed the kneepick used periodically in UFC fights. Made some GIFs. I chatted sometime ago with my friend Ausgepicht about kneepicks as he is a MMA coach.

My deepest gratitude for Ausgepicht's commentary!

A good old fashioned Kneepick.

A kneepick works in one of two ways based on violations in your opponent's posture - intentional or forced by your hand:

1. Drive his head past his knee - or ankle if it's an ankle pick - with a collar or underhook. In rare cases, if you are a strong person you can do it with an overhook. Ankle pick is the same technique, different control points.

2. You use one of the aforementioned ties and instead of driving his head past his knee, you drive his knee past his head BECAUSE he had no weight on it. 100% weight on one foot is a severe posture violation.

Knee picks, as opposed to its sister the ankle pick does not require much of a level change if at all. Unlike most versions of its cousins, the single and double. So it's a rare leg attack that doesn't require much of a level change. It's efficient, faster and effective. Very good for MMA.

UFC 79 - GSP's Kneepick with Underhook against Matt Hughes in their third fight
(realtime and slomo)

Another GSP Kneepick with Underhook
(realtime GIF mislabelled as UFC74 when in fact, it's UFC79 and slomo GIF)

WEC 53 - Dominick Cruz with and underhook and kneepick on Scott Jorgensen(realtime and slomo)

UFC on FX 5 - Jake Ellenberger gets a kneepick on Jay Hieron(realtime and slomo)

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