Saturday, January 19, 2013

MMA: Front Naked Choke Tips by Joe Silvia


This is an OLD Hematoma of many that we keep as trade secrets that you will ONLY see at Hematoma. We have about a dozen trademark submissions, sweeps and takedowns that you rarely if at all ever see. The less an opponent knows about something, the harder for it is for him to recognize what it is and defend it. Remember how effective BJJ was at UFC 1?

We've been doing the FNC for almost 5 years now. I will leave these notes as they were when I wrote them years ago. So much has been added and the move has evolved, but those aren't going into public domain.


Here at the Hematoma Gym we have been working on this choke a few months before Jens pulled it off on Cub. We had never seen it before, and it’s one of those things that we “bumped” into and was easy to learn and VERY dangerous. We were nailing it standing and on the ground. We were naive enough to think we would spar it for a few months and “unveil” it at local competitions, so we called it the “Hematoma Choke”. Then one night on VS during a WEC….Jens, I love you, but you ruined it!!!

The Details:

Where to nail it:

  • During opponents poor shoot where his head is low and he is staring at the ground with his head on your hip.
  • Any time you have a FHL, you can switch to a standing FNC or even sprawl to the ground, bringing him with you and finish.
  • Underhook and collar tie to get his head low. Capture it and sink it in.
  • Wizzer w/ or w/o collar tie as above.
  • When you have side control and he leg threads to the turtle and/or to get a single leg.
  • If he shoots shallow and not deep and you successfully sprawled on him.
  • After a successful double collars and spear knee that gets him to bend over.

Your opponent’s only real chance is to know it’s coming and start to get wrist control to slow it down or defend it. What it has unintentionally done is improved everyone’s wrestling and drastically altered and forced an evolution in how we shoot here. Now, the head outside doubles and singles are not favorites. There is more head inside and higher level/Greco style shoots.


When someone does shoot, they are aware that the FNC may be coming, so they modify their shoots as follows:

  • Shoot with your chin WELDED to your sternum, so there’s little to no room for him to slip his arm in.
  • Shoot with your gaze straight ahead.
  • Shoot with your gaze up towards the ceiling.
  • Shoot and stick the top of your head as a wedge into his armpit.


My sincerest gratitude to Joe Silvia for his kind permission in posting his article.



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