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MMA: Hematoma Fight Club - Blue Shirt Requirements by Joe Silvia


Blue Shirt is where you get your feet wet, spend a lot of time re-learning to use your body, develop mental and phyiscal attributes, learn to navigate around the MMA universe, get comfortable with getting hit, slammed and twisted. There is so much material that at times it may seem overwhelming and MMA in the beginning may seem very foreign.

You are also learning how to have a unique relationship with another person whereby you support them and they have your back. When they are down, your will uplift them, when they have doubts, you will encourage them, when they have good days and moments you will proudly join them. They will do the SAME for you. This relationship is a unique one and for many completely new.

Lastly, YOU are developing the atmosphere in the gym with every action, word, and decision you make. The more positive, encouraging, and generous you are the faster your training partner will progress. The faster he progresses the faster YOU progress. You will improve ONLY by improving him. That is REAL.


1. Display composure.
2. Knowledge and ability to execute base camp in all ranges.
3. Has training gears and is sharing the "glory."
4. Demonstrates mentoring and sportsmanship.
5. Shows cardiovascular endurance, heart, and confidence.
6. Is well-rounded in the 3 ranges of MMA:
  1. Stand-Up
  2. Clinch
  3. Ground
7.  Well-rounded in the 2 transitional ranges
  1. The Gap
  2. Fighting Short
8. Shows knowledge of the 3 striking sub-ranges: long, middle range, and close quarters.
9. Demonstrates a comfort level with being hit, thrown, and submitted.
10. Shows stance & motion in all 5 areas.
11. Shows he/she can Cant and Tilt with every Tie-Up.
12. Can dust his partner off.
13. Can use his conditioning as a weapon.
14. Can use both a crushing and floating game on the ground.
15. Shows forehead position in the clinch and on the ground.
16. Can create space (loosening the nail) when pinned and in the guard.

List of Techniques

The Defense in each area will NOT be detailed as they are specific to the gym's style and in many cases prescribed to an individual.

  • Punches: Jab, Cross, Hook, Swing Hook, Overhand, Body Shots, & Uppercut
  • Elbows: Horizontal, Diagonal, and Upward
  • Knees: Long Knee
  • Kicks: Round kick to head, ribs, and inside and outside leg, Jab/Push Kick
  • Defense: Parry, Cover, Head Movement, Footwork

  • Break-ins: Parry Crash, Helmet, Crazy Monkey, Slip, Shoot, Kick Wrap, Kick Shelf
  • Break-outs: Crazy Monkey, Throw By, Chin Shove, Shoots: Inside & Outside Penetration, High, Mid-level, and Lo-Lo
  • Shoot Defense: Sprawl, Half Sprawl, Nelson, Wizzer 

  • Fibbing: Uppercuts, hooks, knee flashes, elbow flashes, stomps, inner elbow,
  • Control Ties: Collar, Double Collar, Reverse Collar, FHL, Underhook, Bodylocks, SHL, Overhook, Wrist Control, Elbow Control, Bicep Control, Forearm Hook, Seat Belt, Russian 2 on1,
  • Transitions: Arm Drag, "V" Lift, Collar Pries, Duckunder, Throw By, Slide By Submissions: Front Choke, FNC, Bar Arm Strangle, Front Face Lock, Japanese Surfboard, 
  • Takedowns
  • Single: Treetop w/ sweep or cradle suplex, Run the Pipe, Front Knee Block, Back Knee Block, Dive (2 variants), Re-Shoot, Pick-Up, Lo-Lo
  • Double: Flair/Barsagar, Golf Swing, Pick-Up, Submarine, Japanese Blast, Shinbox, Lo- Lo, 
  • Hi-C: Seat Belt & Crotch Pick-Up (2 grips & 2 Dumps)
  • Fireman's: High and mid-level w/ base variants
  • Backstep: Headlock, underhook, overhook, wrists,
  • Bodylock: Lift & Dump, German Suplex (Optional)
  • Miscellaneous: Knee & Ankle Picks, Reaps, Sweeps
  • Defense to above: Top Secret

Fighting Short
  • Rides: Stretcher, Side, FHL, Back, Knee, Leg
  • Breakdowns & Turns: Crossface, Picks, Turk, Spiral, Nelson, Arm Hug, Harness Turnover, Near Leg & Far Arm Drive, Leg Hug Drive, Cow Cather/Cement Mixer, Butt Drag
  • Escapes: Sit-Out, Peek-Out, Hip Heist, Switch, Peterson, Donkey Kick, Sucker Drag, Stand-Up
  • G&P: Uses Tomahawks on "ears", Uppercuts under the armpit, knees to thigh & ribs, knee chips, ridgehands, back elbows, 
  • Submissions: Crucifix, RNC, Facelock, Rolling Armbar, Teacup & Saucer,  Passing the Sprawl: Tripod Single, Re-Shoot, Baseball Slide, Peek-Out,

  • Bases: Mountain (High & Low), Low Combat Base, Combat Base, Staggered Stance
  • G&P: Skip elbows, 6 o'clock punch, tomahawks, elbow chips, thigh spikes, rib elbow smash, Mongolian Chop!, Elbow Turnover vs grip, Shoulder Butt
  • Extras: Shoulder of Justice, Pendelum, Popcorn, Gooseneck,
  • Navigation: Shuffle, Hip Switch, Cossack Walking, Knee Pivot, Leg Swipe, Stomp Mount, Knee Slide Mount, 
  • Pins & Rides: Saddle/Mount, Back Mount, Side Control, Leg Control, Twister Side, Head & Arm, North/South, Knee Ride, Cossack Ride, 
  • Guards: Close, open/spider, half, Mission Control (optional),  butterfly
  • Passes: Spanky, Smash, Shackle, Combat Base, Tripod, Surf, Leapfrog, Ankle Control & Tripod, Tornado
  • Opening Closed Guard:  Elbows, Standing, Quasimodo, Combat Base, Stepover, Can Opener
  • Sweeps: Scissor, Tomahawk/Flower, Elevator, Old School, Cross Sweep, Hip Heist
  • Escapes: Leg Thread, Shrimp & Bridge variations
  • Submissions: Armbars, straight armbar, Bow & Arrow, Double Wrist Lock, Top Wrist Lock, Arm Triangle, Wrap Choke, Telephone Call, TWL w/ Legs, Heelhook, Inverted Heelhook, Achilles, Toe Hold, Arm Scissors, Knee Scissors, Kneebar, Seated Armbar, Papercutter


My sincerest gratitude to Joe Silvia for his kind permission in reposting this note.



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