Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MMA: Hematoma Fight Club - Solo Exercises by Joe Silvia


These exercises are a precursor to application. The progression is solo, helpful partner, resisting partner to combative partner. If you can't do them slow with no one in the way, you will never make them work with a partner. These exercises serve as a primer for the body, promote health and fitness levels, particularly joint health, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, agility, and ALL have sport applications. Do them all the time! All day, every day!

This list is a REMINDER and not meant to be explanatory or detailed. You should know the names and the movements  from working out. In addition to doing this exercises, you should also connect one to another, and cut some of them in half and join them with another exercise. The idea is to flow from one exercise to another seamlessly.

Finally, do not ONLY do them as series, but remember to not recognize a difference between standing or the ground, but flow indiscriminately from one to the other.

Standing Series
Side to side, forward to backward, circles, waves & infinities for the following joints:  Neck, spine, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.

High, mid-level, lo-lo, forward, backward and sweeping shots.


Sprawls (Half, full, side-on)Shuffling in four directions, full step, slingshot, pyramid, lead and rear pivots in two directions, sidestep, half-step, pound step, falling step, curve step, backstep, and half shuffle.

Breakfalls from standing in four directions.

Squat Series
Line walk, cossack long step, pivot in two directions, forward somersault, breakfall in four directions, short and long-sitout, sit-backs, hip heist, Russian hip heist, iron bridge, Russian neck flip, Russian neck circle, Shinbox pivots in two directions, Shinbox walk, knee slide, screw-ups, Petersons, Granbys, one leg cossack lasso, scorpion tails, crow, iron bridge twist backs, backward somersault, forward fall, Ape step, the Kong, etc.

Ground Series
Leg thread, shrimp (forward and backward), bridge, shoulder stands (pike, hurdler, hip twist, & kick behind), popcorn, pendulum, flip-flops, low rear ground engagement, hip switching, shuffling, combat basing, screw-ups, tripod shuffle, flat pop-ups, leg circles, bump ups, leg choke, side to side scissor, and tank walk on back and stomach.



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