Saturday, October 07, 2017

Inktober Day #7 - Richard Ryan's/DCM's Knifefighting Stance

7th day into October and a month-long event that artists join in to try to draw fast and get a drawing down for each day of October named "Inktober". I have a few comics geeks friends are talented in drawing and joining them to show support in their Inktober efforts.

I had the idea of trying to draw/sketch bodies in motions or poses better as I may be taking down fast notes during a martial arts class or seminar. Thanks to my Instagram friend Christopher D. I now know what I'm trying to accomplish is what in Art/Drawing is called "gesture drawing".

There are official themes/prompts for each day, but I've chose to ignore them mostly and concentrate on developing my gesture drawing skills and you all know me by now, right? My focus is on the Martial Arts and Self-Defense. I'm not a 'knife guy' but am a 'stick guy'. Impact tools are more my thang. However, lately 'knifefighting' has been on my mind and I'm researching/reading/re-reading/watching/re-watching books/dvds on knifework. And killing two birds with one stone, I'm drawing each day in October as well as researching knifefighting.

Thank you all kindly in joining me on my Sojourn of Septillion Steps (my gimmicky schtick/take on the cliched "Journey of a thousand miles" :)

OK, here we go! Truly hope this helps in your Sojourn!


Notes from "Master of the Blade" (1999)
by Richard Ryan/DCM (Dynamic Combat Method)
Pages 28-44


  1. body balanced and neutral
  2. equal degree of both mobility and stability
  3. weight evenly distributed


  1. compresses the ribs
  2. diminishes target surface pulling lower abdomen out of reach of opponent


  1. in front of body
  2. humerus, ulna and radius ones of arm protect thorax and vital organs provides one final barrier before reaching vital targets of throat, heart and abdomen
  3. shield of bone covers the central line of your body 
  4. worst case - take cut to outside arm - unlikely to immobilize you - allows you to fight on temporarily


  1. at side and pointed at adversary
  2. at protected but effective position allowing instant access to offense and defense
  3. blade tucked in tight and almost invisible


  1. use legs to resist and generate force through proper body position
  2. drive leg is placed one leg behind you as a brace aligning your feet more perpendicular to his position
  3. rear leg acts as a brace


  1. tactical positioning principle
  2. maintain a position of advantage by "tracking" opponent
  3. centerline is an imaginary line that connects you and your immediate adversary
  4. in combat, never let an opponent off centerline, as he would have an angle on your defensive position
  5. if he is off centerline, track him and reorient to reestablish centerline

My drawings for Inktober 2017 - drawing at least 1 pic each day in October:



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