Friday, October 13, 2017

Inktober Day #13 - Bob Kasper's tiger claw entry

My previous drawings/notes on Bob Kasper's Kni-Com in case you missed them: 

Today's drawing is an idea for entry in knifefighting.

"Bob Kasper's Tactical Knives" (2011)
by Bob Kasper/Kni-Com
Page 180
(Originally published Tactical Knives March 2000)

"Marines are also taught to use World War II unarmed tactics to supplement their weapon techniques. Here a "Tiger Claw" is used as an entry technique, to be followed by a #4 thrust to the abdomen."

Some thoughts:
  1. "One mind, many weapons."
    Do not fixate on the knife in hand. If one is armed with a knife, then they are not armed with only one tool. They are many other tools available e.g. their non-tool hand, elbows, knees, headbutts, shoulder bumps, hip bumps, etc. Do not fixate on the tool in hand!

  2. Combatives
    Do not dismiss the simple but effective combative strikes such as the tiger claw, chin jab, edge of hand, etc. There's a reason most military around the world are taught combatives.

  3. Face touched
    Being touched in the face can be disconcerting in a non-consensual setting. Getting a tiger claw or even the face being palmed will generally disencombulate you. Something about the nerves in the face ... I've heard that in Silat, there are moves specifically targeting the face with the idea of disrupting the opponent's system via the nerves in the face.

  4. Alive Hand
    In Filipino Martial Arts, the non-dominant hand is called the "Alive Hand". Despite the Alive hand being unarmed at times, it's considered the more important of the two hands. The late Grandmaster Floro Villabrille is said to have fought over 100 full contact death matches with hardwood sticks and no armor/protection. Many of GM Villabrille's knockouts were scored with his Alive Hand! 

  5. Distraction to Draw
    As the alive hand is doing its thing in striking/distracting the opponent, the dominant hand is drawing the knife. As the complementary side of the body extends into the Tiger Claw (or any strike), the dominant side of the body rotates back facilitating deployment of the knife, hence a strong-side carry is advised.

I truly hope my drawings and notes have helped you in your Sojourn of Septillion Steps!

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