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Mark Tripp - Combatives 10 (Teaching Self-defense)



Mark Tripp's Combatives 10

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Subject: Combatives 10
From: MTripp
Date: 21-May-00 | 07:51 AM

OK; this is short and to the point.

Two books: Teaching Self-defense and Attack Proof.

Let me be plain I do not agree with everything in these texts. The first one is WAY too "japanese karate" for simple effective self-defense. For one example.


They will teach you how to set up and teach a combative program. This is the company that runs the coaching effectiveness programs around the country.

We will need these books as "teaching aids" if you will.

Also it is time to put together our "black knight" suit.

I have struggled greatly with various opinions on this. Others are going to disagree with me; and that is ok. This is simply how I do things. You need to struggle with hou you are going to do things.

To my way of thinking we want to focus the student to attack areas that are going to end the fight quickly. This is eye and instep. Fairbairn felt this way and I have seen nothing from his time to mine that has changed this much.

Secondary targets would be nose, throat/neck, groin, and knee.

The idea of padding the entire head and saying blast away flys in the face of true "atemi-waza" and is simply not good judo. Any more than "tackle him" would be. Both will work for a big strong guy. Odds are it will be that big strong guy trying to hurt us!

Get a boxers "no foul" cup from Ringside; the big expensive one. After all, those are YOUR privates going in there. Get TWO cervical collars from a medical supply outfit. The solid plastic one; and a much larger foam one that will fit over the hard plastic one.

For the head we have found that a motorcycle helmet works fine (make sure it fits AFTER you put the neck stuff on). Cut out "eyes and nose" targets out of sponge and glue them to the face mask. People will learn pretty quick why punching the head isn't a great idea when they bounce a fist off the helmet.

To date I am not happy with the shin/knee/instep material. Some of you will have to experiment and let me know what you think. So far we have found the hockey stuff to be too bulky. We are trying triple padding and I will let you know.

You need to add some padding for an "oopps"; but remind the student that in combatives body/head shots are a waste of time. They are going to need to be VERY accurate if they are going to be effective.
OK; put it together! When next we speak; we will talk about lesson plans; drills; and marketing!

Subject: RE: INFO
From: Chzog
Date: 21-May-00 | 10:32 AM
Ok.....Got to go talk to my fiancal support.....Steve...Steve
::Steve turns and runs going..."not again"::

Subject: RE: INFO
From: Chzog
Date: 21-May-00 | 10:36 AM
Still waiting for the proper use of the guard lesson!! =)

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From: Pakyon
Date: 27-May-00 | 11:07 PM

Subject: RE: INFO
From: MTripp
Date: 28-May-00 | 06:07 AM
Combatives 11

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From: Chzog
Date: 30-May-00 | 11:10 AM
got it! =)

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