Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Accountant (2016) - farm fight GIFs and video

In "The Accountant" from 2016, Ben Affleck plays an accountant who is a math savant. He is hired to uncook the books for a new client as the Treasury Department closes in on his activities.

Affleck learnt Silat for his role as Christian Wolff the accountant. I was a little disappointed in the fight scenes, although I was entertained by the movie. Affleck has said Wolff is one of 5 favorite characters he has portrayed to date. The best fight scene IMO was Affleck's use of his belt to defend himself against Tait Fletcher's knife.

Fletcher played Thug #1 and he deployed his knife in his fight against Affleck. Ben took off his belt to use vs the knife.

Apologies if the page loads slowly, but I didn't want to split up the GIFs and make separate posts.  Enjoy the video as well as 16 GIFs!

You can find the video at the link below if the embed video didn't work above:

Here are 9 GIFs splicing up the fight scene:

Here is the All-in-One GIF of the scene:

6 extra GIFs isolating for one aspect of the scene:

Here's hoping there will be a sequel!

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