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Over-speed Training - Accessing the Subconscious and the Power of Threes. by Badger Johnson

Over-speed Training - Accessing the Subconscious and the Power of Threes.

People like improving performance. They like being faster. They want to ‘win’. But it is hard to know just how to do those things.

To begin with, we are all constrained by our beliefs, by our self-perceptions, by negative affirmations. I’m a plodder, I’m not young anymore, I came in last. Of course you can use these to spur ‘self-anger’ and thus increase motivation, but there’s more comfort in having a plan.

All of our movement, our ability has to come from work we’ve done, things we know internally. If you can harness the subconscious mind, you can get results you would not normally expect.

One way to do this is to find a competent hypnotist and from there with an implanted suggestion (you will get better and better at self-hypnosis) you can do your own programming.

You can actually program yourself to become someone else - this is what some ‘actors’ do. If you can enter the self-hypnotic dream state and actually assume another persona you can leave behind or shed your current constraints.

Methods of over-speed training. In cycling there are a couple things you can do to improve your speed. One involves faster turnover of the pedals - you ’spin up’ as it were. You can do wind tunnel testing, you can get a friend to ‘motor pace’ you (driving with or behind a car or motorbike in the slipstream), you can ride slight downhills on a ‘false flat’, and you can ride with a group that is slightly above your level. In jogging you can do similar things, but of course, wind resistance is less important. In swimming you can use flippers, hand fins, stationary pools swimming against a ‘jet current’. In weight training you can use elastic bands to ‘pull’ your limbs slightly faster than you might with muscle power. In kinesiology, you can find ways to use the body moment to move your limb faster than muscle power alone (the forward lean, the drop-step, use of hand-held tools, the body-shift). In all of these things, though you must keep up the training to maintain that edge.

You can also do what Guro Dan talks about and that is to develop ‘fast eyes’. You know how people move, how they telegraph, how they give a clue, and you know how to draw their movement by doing things like giving apparent openings.

There’s the famous method used by one of BL’s students to increase speed, using ’reflex speed’ or the speed you pull back from a hot stove. Various JKD groups talk about the burning step, and the 'hammer principle'. You can use a random generator to get the body reacting faster than the conscious mind normally allows. In fact some people think we are stronger and faster than we believe and the body is just using tendon stretch receptors to slow us down in a protective manner.

The power of threes. Music, rhythm, the beat, the half-beat, syncopation, these things can help you move faster. If you are doing a drill and inside you remember a really fast rhythmic beat and move according to that, you can seem to suddenly and almost magically increase your speed. Often speed increase is a matter of shedding your ‘governors’ as above, contextually, perceptually and psychologically.

The waltz uses a beat of 1-2-3. Syncopation can change that using a ‘grace note’. If you make a move go from being a stroke to being a grace note, it naturally speeds up.

In breathing it’s often helpful to think of breathing in and out in a staccato manner 1-2-3 sniffing in and out.

In analyzing a move you break it down into three parts and work on those separately.

Anyway this is getting long, so I’ll stop here but it can give you an idea of where to look and how to start working on this attribute or set of attributes. Pyramid power. Work on your base and layer up in groups of three.


~Badger Johnson
Aug 4, 2016

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