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Coaching, self-coaching, talent, experience, genetics, opportunity, motivation. by Badger Johnson

Coaching, self-coaching, talent, experience, genetics, opportunity, motivation.

These are some of the important elements which can help bring about ‘performance’.

I could write a book on coaching, what it is, what it isn’t, and how, ultimately it’s a matter of learning to self-coach.

You, are the talent. Life experience, genetics, the intangible, the internal. Everything else is the coach, the external, the tangible.

In the field of MA and SD, usually the people are motivated to go into that are losers, genetically not gifted (they couldn’t do team sports), and probably have been at one time or another bullied. Often they start out in poor health so they get into something like this to bring them up to ‘normal’.

Problem with this is they often put their ‘eggs’ into the basket of another. A charismatic trainer usually called by an oriental name. While this can work for a while ultimately it can be self-defeating. This type of regime ends up with the person focused on idolizing their trainer and becoming stagnate in their performance beyond a certain level. They are a big fish in a small pond, sometimes deluded or even self-deluded.

I think we can look in two areas to find good coaches. Team sports (they are dedicated to winning) and Acting (they are dedicated to making money). You don’t find bad coaches, usually, in team sports. They get weeded out. You find very few good coaches in Acting, but you find a lot of scam artists, so beware. Use these as models for what works.

It’s external which needs to become internalized, functionalized. A coach bring experience and is often not a particularly good ‘performer’ themselves.

You probably do best by compartmentalizing your coaches. Life coach, financial coach, offensive coach, defensive coach, physical trainer, medical trainer, gopher, personal assistant, training partner.

These are all types of coaches. The coach brings the experience of having seen it all in a variety of different types of individuals, so, hopefully they know that one size does not fit all. Are you audio, visual, tactile, or some combination of learner? Can you judge your own abilities or do you need external help? Are you your own worst enemy? (Most of us are and don’t know it). Are you able to self-motivate and bring that ‘talent’ out, or do you need hand-holding.

I’ll stop here, because you can actually go out and google ‘what makes a good coach’ and figure this out on your own. I just thought I’d offer some perspective that you don’t usually find.

Hope this helps. Go out there young grasshopper and find your passion.

That is all.

~Badger Johnson
Aug 3, 2016

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