Thursday, January 12, 2017

Some thoughts today by Badger Johnson

Some thoughts today:

o Transparency
Not just methods and means to make things flow, but knowing when not to have too much.

o Stress testing
Includes not just running things against levels of resistance, but also breaking things down completely periodically. You have to push your systems until they 'break'.

o Systems Management - yep, you manage your stuff systematically.

o Landmarking
Creating terms is also a way of landmarking. The gunfighter’s ‘Safe Space’ is where the area has been cleared or visualized to be free of threat.

o Delivery Systems - everything has one. It's the 'how' not the 'what'.

o Describing methods and means of production (theories and templates). I wish Mr Harris would do a book on these. He shines in that area and I don't know if he's put down on paper how he does this. The BJJ over 40 and other vids show he's done that breakdown. It's his 'method of production'. I'm sure he's a bit reluctant to let these out to the 'public', but he shouldn't be. Ideas are like rain - they fall on everyone but sometimes only a few notice (Guro Dan). One might think Roy is a brilliant instructor. But that's just the by-product. He has the best system of 'seeing deeply' that I've ever seen. Come on Roy Harris, do that book!

o Multiple opponents, Multiple Venues. - you must have these, otherwise your systems and methods are superficial.

Don't just read this list, import it and give (self-check) examples of them in your current life and current regime.

The best description of 'transparency' I give is how the bicycle changed in 1985. Prior to that, you had what they call 'downtube shifters'. You had to take your eyes off the road and reach forward and monkey around with your shifters to change gears. Hard to do if you were approaching a climb or if you hit a sudden terrain change.

Also they had 'cages' that your feet went into to try and connect you with the drive train better than just pedals. But still your foot moved around and it wasn't a firm connection. A lot of the time your foot would slip forward and you'd have to shimmy it back.

In 1985 or about they came up with 'brifters' and 'clipless pedals'. Now the shifters were on the handlebars, shifted with a 'click' and were positively engaged. The pedals would clip into cleats in your shoes. The position and firmness was absolute.

Thus you no longer had to 'think about it' when riding. You clipped in and forgot about foot position. You shifted many times more often and never had to take your eyes off the road.

True Transparency!

~Badger Johnson
Jul 27, 2016

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